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Attaching swivels

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  • Attaching swivels

    Anyone have a good way to attach a swivel that is attached to a small book rack above, and a pedestal below? Problelm is that once I attched the swivel to the pedestal, then placed the book rack on top, there is no room to access the swivel to attach the top half. It's a metal swivel between wood pieces- doesnt glue up adequately. appreciate any help


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    Re: Attaching swivels

    by swivel I guessing you mean a ball bearing turn table swivel,
    on most things that use that type of swivel a hole is drill in the bottom piece, (bar stool for example) that lets one access the top screws/fasteners,
    the other is to use bolts,
    access hole method
    bolt method,

    If I was to use the bolt method, I would most likely try to use carriage and drop them down and so they would lock into the swivel plate, as getting a wrench in the area is tricky and some times difficult to do and hole the top of the bolt, some times helps to set the bolt before assemble with a small scrap of wood to clamp the bolt in first if it is a little tight, then remove the scrap and leave the bold in the plate for future assemble

    access hole
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      Re: Attaching swivels

      thanks very much