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  • dvd's

    I'm new to woodworking and need some training. Amazon has what appears to be a good series of books on each piece of equipment, but, no DVD's. My local small town library is not much help either. If no DVD's, any recommendations on good books? Thanks for any direction.

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    Here is a site that sells DVD's for woodworking. I have not seen them so I do not know if they are good. There are also classes you can take. Check out the main page. David Marks from DIY Wood Works will be teaching one of them this spring. I would love to be there. $$$$$$$$$$

    Hope this helps.



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      I was fortunate to attend a woodworking show and I took a class by Marc Adams in furniture making. It was great. I learned a ton.

      I purchased 5 (plus the safety one free) DVD's and have looked at 4 so far. Personally, I like them. He has a good way of delivering his techniques that are easy to understand.

      I would highly recommend them.

      I have the following:
      - Furniture Making I
      - Furniture Making II
      - Routing
      - Cabinet Making
      - Joinery



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        I have found one of the best ways to learn is by doing. Start out with projects that build core skills, like joinery, cutting rabbets and dados and using the router for trim detail. Book cases are one of the more simple structures that almost everyone needs and you can use dovetail or box joinery at the top corners, edge join wood for the sides and rout some nice trim detail.

        Classes are great, but to me, actual experience, and often trial and error, is the best way to learn. This method also builds the confidence to tackle more agressive projects.

        Having said that, I have learned a lot from reading the magazines and watching Norm and others on cable.

        Good luck and welcome aboard.

        You might go ahead and put your town and state in your profile in case others live in your area and are aware of more specifics on classes, etc.