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TS2424 Web cast extension tables

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  • TS2424 Web cast extension tables

    Another question I have on the TS2424 is about the open web cast iron extension tables. Is this really a safety issue (getting fingers pinched)? I thought it would be a good place to clamp down things.
    Also could I put both extensions on one side to get more room?
    Thanks again for any help
    Rev Ed

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    The honeycomb extension wings have not pinched my fingers yet. Don't see myself getting my fingers down between the board and table anyway. The wings the way they are made make them great for clamping feather boards and other accessories down on the table. You can clamp anywhere along the wing from the front to the back. You will have to drill new mounting holes in one or the other wings to attach an extension table.



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      The open extension tables making adding an outfeed table a piece of cake. Free plans available if you get the 2424.


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        I find the Web Extensions a PLUS for clamping and drilling with a hand drill. the drill bit go's thru the Web holes



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          Have had the web, cast iron extensions for 13 years and have yet to pinch a finger---as pointed out, great for clamping---and using the ts top for other uses, clamping, etc.

          Only negative---I have dropped a few tape measures through the holes--when I put it down, without looking--


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            Butcher: Free plans for outfeed table??? Where?


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              Well I guess I have to admit I have pinched my fingers once and only once. It hurt good enough that I would suspect I will never have that happen again. I had wondered how someone could do it but basically it happened after I just cleaned with kerosene and waxxed my new tabletop. I also had waxxed the top side of the fence rail. The fence moved so nicely, I was admiring it and sliding the fence back and forth. While holding the fence, my right ring finger stuck below the fence and while sliding the fence to the right got pinched between the fence and the wing web. Got a blood blister . Like I said, because of the remembrance of the pain, I don't plan on having that happen again! The way I look at it, the benefits of having the open web design outweigh the risk of pinching. I am just more careful now.