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    Hi folks, I'm new here and just getting started in woodworking. My shop will be in the basement of my house, and will include the TS2424, a scroll saw, bench band saw, planer, and combo disc/belt sander. Any profound thoughts on good systems will be greatly appreciated. Of course I'm eyeing the DC2000, but am open to hearing any opinions. Thanks much!

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    Hi Ursula,

    From what I've been told, there are two key parts to a dust collection system, and most folks start out with a dust collection system which is attached to a series of hoses that run out to each tool.

    There are a number of dedicated systems designed for dust collection including the Ridgid systems. As long as you're not looking a a basic shop vac, you'll find that most collection system only run whenever you turn on your tools and shuts off when they aren't running.

    In a basement, noise can also be an issue, so bear in mind what the volume is of the unit you're thinking about.

    The second part of a dust collection system (especially in an enclosed space like a basement) is an air filtration unit. These units are usually hung from the ceiling and comprise of a box with fan/turbine inside and filters (like your heating and ventilation filters).

    The second system can be important since you typically don't get all the dust using the first system, and it takes the airborne dust out of the room, which may be important in a basement shop.

    Myself, I run a Fein Turbo II vac which turns on when I run my tools. Since I do nearly all of my woodworking in my back yard (appt. living means no garage) I can get away with using a smaller unit.

    I run the single tube to each tool as needed and have all tools pluged into a 3 receptacle extension cord which is plugged into the vacuum.

    The nice thing about the Fein unit is the ability to filter down to either 5, 1, or .3 microns. This level (1, or .3) of filtration would be important to your enclosed space, especially if you decide against an air filtration unit in addition to a dust collection system.

    The other important thing about the fein is that it's very, very quiet. Much quieter than traditional dust collection systems.

    Hope this helps.



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      The advantage of the dedicated dust collector over a shop vac is that the DC is quieter and deals with cubic feet per minute CFM of airflow. Vacs care about suction which is measured in inches of water (up a pipe I believe). For dust collection suction is not as important as airflow! Its better to run larger ducting at a high CFM than smaller ducting (or hoses) at a higher suction. It doesn't take much to move a particle of dust and the higher CFM will move greater quantities without clogging the pipes.

      I use both the DC2000 for collection and the AF3000 for filtering. Both are on the lower end as far as capability goes but mu shop is small sizewise and I only run one tool at a time. Every tool has a blast gate and I run 4 inch ducting everywhere I can for better efficiency. At 650 CFM its important to ensure that your system is leakproof so you don't lose any of that efficiency.

      2 HP models such as from JET and DELTA provide more capability but at a higher price. You need to figure out your needs. I HIGHLY recommend a company called Air Handling. They have a lot of good info to get you started. Their link is below. Check it out and good luck.
      - Tim


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        Thank you both, Bubba and Tim, for EXCELLENT advice. Of course I jumped the gun a little and had to run that new miter saw before I had my dust collection decisions made. Now I can REALLY see the importance of getting the right system, and getting it installed quickly! Your responses are most appreciated.