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Accuright bandsaw circle jig

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  • Accuright bandsaw circle jig

    I have a Delta 10" bandsaw. the table is aluminum
    and there is little space between the frame and the underside of the table.

    Anyone here have a slick way to secure the Accuright ???

    I did a temporary rigging and the jig works very nicely.

    I will be open for any suggestions...I even considered getting a real
    bandsaw like the Grizzly g0555p. But for now it's the Delta..ha ha ha

    I have no complaints about the bandsaw or the Accuright jig; just that
    the supplied clamping brackets do not play well with this size bandsaw.

    Cactus Man

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    Re: Accuright bandsaw circle jig

    Never mind.....

    I came up with a different bracket design and all is fine

    Cactus Man