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6 inch sander hook/loop pad

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    Re: 6 inch sander hook/loop pad

    Whoah... apparently my earlier post this afternoon didn't get posted! So to repeat:

    I replaced the pad on my 5" ROS after about five years of fairly heavy usage... well heavy for a homeowner doing his own renno work anyway.

    My understanding is that these pads will simply wear out after time, loosing their ability to hold the sanding discs. Heat is part of the problem, as I understand it, especially if you have a tendency to press down on the sander (which is something I too often do). But, just the fact that you add and remove several dozen disks over time will likely degrade the micro-hooks. Cleaning the pad of excess sawdust and debris can help, but eventually the hooks degrade.

    When this first started happening, I thought it was just a bad batch of sanding discs, but a second box also spun off across the benchtop too.

    As far as Home Depot keeping these in stock, I think that is more Home Depot's problem than it is Ridgid's. Home Depot appears to stock only items that it can repeatedly move; and even that's not dependable from one store to the other. For example, my local store stocks replacement blades for both the Ridgid and the Delta thickness planers, even though I've never seen a Delta in the store. It doesn't stock blades for the Ridgid Jointer or PSA discs for the Ryobi bench-top belt/disc sander that it sells.

    In any case, a hook & loop pad isn't nearly as wear resistant as the mentioned bearings or trigger mechanisms or other similar components that might never be replaced on the majority of tools.



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      Re: 6 inch sander hook/loop pad

      Well it's payday tomorrow, I'll order the pad.

      In the meantime, my trusty B&D Mouse has been performing sterling work in its place. Although in fairness, there's dust EVERYWHERE as it doesn't have a DC port. Definitely requires a mask, and the air cleaner's been on overtime!


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        Well i use to buy new things when they broke, now i buy the parts if they don't surpass 60% of the price of a new tool i have found that many parts are improved, and usually not only fix the issue but also update the product so that aspect does not crack again. It has saved me a lot of cash.
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          Heck, I wish that if you were registered for the LSA that you had the option to order parts at a discounted price, I would personally go this route everytime something broke. I would rather turn the wrench myself than have someone else touch my tools.

          I'd like to see something along these lines too. I think it could be a win-win for the customer and TTI/Ridgid. If there was a way to determine it was a covered repair that would satisfy TTI, maybe using photos and a phone conversation, then send out the needed parts. Probably the biggest issue would be someone doing a repair that was now "authorized" by the factory and they forget to tighten a screw or something else that then makes the tool dangerous to use. They put it back to gether and put the tool to work. Something lets loose and they get injuried. You think the wife won't call the family lawyer and sue the b@lls of the manufacturer. You know those shark lawyers are just circling waiting for something like this.
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