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  • underhouse creeper

    saw a neat tool the other day that a home inspector used for getting around under the house in a crawl space.

    it's basically an aluminum 3 sided pan with 4 small rough terrain tires on it to allow a persons torso to lay down on it and use the tires to roll around under the home. the inspector uses his hands to pull himself along and his legs to guide him. the major weight is carried by the pan.

    a very cool accessory that might just make me go back under homes with a smile

    here is a link to the company that makes them

    i know nothing of the company so investigate it, if you decide to buy


    a very simple design for rolling yourself around the dirt terrain.

    slightly padded for the body and pressure points. also allows grip to prevent slipping.

    this is the actual home inspector and wearing shorts as he inspected the underside of the roughly 2000sq' home.

    i know he did a through job as i saw the photos he took up close on his report.

    short wheelbase for easy sharp turns. also low profile for getting into tight spots.

    i like it.

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    Re: underhouse creeper

    I can see a $79.99 priceline but $329.00 is severe greed.

    I like the elbow pads better for $33.00.

    I can see it working on flat hard surfaces only, that are level. First uneven ground and it bottoms out against the ground.

    I know why the thick rubber pads are to the edges; to keep the body weight from hitting the center and bowing down.

    Idea is good for flat ground.
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      Re: underhouse creeper

      Strap the 60 on it and pull it in right behind you ..I could make one cheaper myself ..Maybe twice as long for the cables etc...
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        Re: underhouse creeper


        Your my friend,so I backed off big time.
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          Re: underhouse creeper

          I throw on a tyvek or a pvc suit and go under.....way too much crap under most homes here to use a thing like that.


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            Re: underhouse creeper

            Originally posted by TheMaster View Post
            I throw on a tyvek or a pvc suit and go under.....way too much crap under most homes here to use a thing like that.
            just think of the abdominal workout after pulling that thing the first five feet.Dragging your knees and feet?
            Less than 3mins with that thing and I would want to throw it through somebodies windshield.

            Now if I was trying to impress a homeowner who can't see me monkeying around under the house on hourly...Well maybe that's another story for another plumber
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              Re: underhouse creeper

              i think that real estate home inspectors and termite inspectors do a whole lot more crawling than we do. we typically work in an area with lots of tools and equipment, while they tend to have to roll around the entire crawl space.

              the website has some great action photos set up like a flip book. the testimonials are very positive, including the one from the home inspector that i met.

              honestly if i were to get back into crawl spaces for a living, i would definitely get or make the creeper. the only fun crawls are the homes on the beach, with beach sand. everything else is hard clay with ruts from past leaks and debris from remodels.

              many years ago i ended up with a serious knee infection from a difficult crawl i had from an inspection. less than a week later when my knee was inflamed i ended up in the er with an i.v. for 2 days

              i know a tool like this would have prevented my injury.

              not trying to sell anything, but good advise
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                Re: underhouse creeper

                I toyed with the idea in my head a year or so ago for some pneumatic tires on a mechanics creeper. Never did it.

                Kept thinking of scenarios it wouldn't work.

                I do use a plastic snow sled. You can put most of what you need in one and drag it to your work location.

                And also get in the sled at the location that's always wet right where you have to be. Gives you a dry spot to lay and work.