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Torque specs for 2424?

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  • Torque specs for 2424?

    what are the torque specs for the TS2424 trunions that Ridgid will stand behind?

    I would like to set them to as high a torque as they are designed for in an attempt to reduce the blade alignment frequency.

    thanks for your reply

    Rodney J in TX

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    Are you having a problem keeping the blade aligned? Just increasing the torque on the bolt will not necessarily make the saw stay in alignment better. If you’re having a problem let me know, otherwise just tighten the bolts down to a reasonable tightness.



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      Jake---just replaced the arbor assembly and added a micro-adjust rear trunnion---cleaned all contact points on trunnions. I was also having an alignment problem--tendancy for the rear of the blade to toe-in.

      Do you have any general suggestions as to what to look for when the blade doesn't stay aligned? I may have fixed the problem, but about to start a big project and will re-check the alignment mid-way, so was just curious.


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        Thanks for your reply.

        Sounds like I'm having the same prob as Dave: toe-in. I have the micro-adjust opposing set screws on mine, which, although hard to reach and somewhat tricky to use, I've finally mastered. This is a somewhat tedious adjustment. I don't mind that as much as the fact that the alignment is difficult to maintain over a period of, say, 2 months of usually daily use.
        The set screws are a wonderful idea, but why not put in some macho set screws (accessible) that will allow adjustments to be made with a little more tension on the trunion bolts. This should improve the ability to maintain alignment as the trunion bolts are tightened to final torque. As it is, after alignment, I tighten the trunion bolts maybe 1/16th, check alignment, tighten other bolt 1/16th, check alignment, etc until final torque is obtained.

        Dave- keep us posted on your experience with your fix. I don't relish the idea of removing the arbor assembly, but if ya gotta, ya gotta.

        btw I was getting a rhythmic vibration that I couldn't get rid of. Ending up w/the link-belt system w/spectacular results. (saw is about 1 1/2 yrs. old). It will prob go on the BS & jointer sooner or later.

        Rodney J in TX


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          I don't have any particular suggestions beyond what the book says. I'm surprised to hear about alignment that is going out. Usually the alignment stays once it is set.


          One thing I would check is the heel with the blade in a lower position. I have seen a unit or two that changed heel as the blade was raised and lowered. If you find something like that let me know.