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  • Jointer

    I am looking to replace a bench top jointer with a floor model,my local HD does not have any of the new style Ridgid jointers as yet,should I wait or go with the older style.and save a bit

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    Definitely WAIT, for a few reasons:
    1: New fence with more range of adjustment.
    2: Wider base makes tool much sturdier.
    3: OK, I guess we really don;t have to have on board push block storage but its nice.

    Basically, the new fence is head and shoulders better than the old. Let's face it, the fence is really what this tool is all about. I have the new Jointer JP0610 and I'm very happy with it. Plus I think it looks better
    - Tim


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      It depends. Back in June I picked up last year's model for $195. They were clearing them out to make room for the new model.
      The new model is great and I've heard quite a few folks rave about the new fence, but the JP600 works just fine for me. Like with any tool, take the time (and take your time) to do proper set up and tuning.

      If they're not offerinf the clearance price, then get the new one.

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