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  • lifetime waranty

    Does anyone know anything about Ridgit lifetime warrany or have had any experience with it? they are offering it now on power tools like the TS3650. One has to register with ridgid to make it effective.

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    Ridgid does not have a lifetime warranty. What they do have is a 3 Year Warranty against mfgs. defects and, if you properly register for it, a Limited Lifetime Service Agreement. You can find the full written versions at Ridgids' Home Page. The warranty can be found by clicking on "Support" at the top of the page and the LSA can be found by waiting for it to scroll down under the "Latest News" portion of the page. Just click on it when it appears.
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      You may want to do a little research, out of curiosity-----I believe, in Calif., all you need for ANY mfg's warranty is the receipt-----you might check the fine print on the warranty or check out the consumers' page on the state site. Heck, half the so-called warranty registrations for products are nothing but ways to get personal information from you that they can sell to marketing companies----


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        Dave, I think that the receipt is also all you need to have warranty work done on Ridgid tools. To have work done or parts replaced under the LSA is another thing altogether. This program is not automatic, it is above and beyond the 3 Year Warranty and you must register your tool(s) and provide additional proof of purchase beyond just the receipt.
        I decided to change calling the bathroom the "John" and renamed it the "Jim". I feel so much better saying I went to the Jim this morning.


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          Just had my 18V Drill crap itself. It also crapped out 3 of the 18V batteries with it. Something tripped in the drill, causing any battery you stick in it to be useless.

          The drill, and the 3 batteries were 18 months old, and registered for the LSA on the Ridgid website.

          Found a local Ridgid tool service center here in St. Paul, MN. Called them up with the problem. He told me to bring in a copy of the Ridgid LSA off of the website and come on in.

          Gave him 3 crapped out batteries, and he gave me 3 brand new ones right there on the spot. Took the 18V drill, and said that it would be ready for pick up in 10 days.

          So far so good. That has been my first Warranty / LSA issue with Ridgid, and I have been pleasantly surprised.



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            In Canada Ridgid has a lifetime warranty on the 3650 TS when I purchased mine at HD. There was a slip of paper that came with it that indicated that the saw has a lifetime warranty.