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  • PC 557 Joiner

    I just purchased a PC 557 Biscuit Joiner. I have a couple of questions would like to ask the experts here.

    1. I noticed the track guide that pushes the blade along is a little loose. Is that normal?

    2. What is the main difference between the Type I and Type II model.

    3. I also noticed some are in a black plastic cases and other in gray. Is there a difference beside the color.

    Thank you in advance.


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    1. I'm not sure I understand the question.

    2. The fence was redesigned, and the arbor made a little beefier. The fence change only affects use if the fence is folded up in use, I've found very few people who use it that way. If you do, you need to readjust the depth of cut.

    3. The black cases I've seen are smaller than the gray ones.



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      I am not sure how to explain question #1. The blade Hsg. ref# (51A) and the gear/blade Hsg. (ref#133) can wiggle about (just a fraction). I'm scared that when I come to use it, it may not give me the accuracy that I expect of it.


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        It has been a while since I have used mine, but I recall that once I set the height there was a thumb screw that I would snug up ans everything becam very solid.

        Hope that helps.



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          I was hoping to get mine out tonight and check it out, but that didn't happen.

          Run a test slot and see how a biscuit fits in. It should be a nice fit, not sloppy but not tight. There is some tolerance there. Alternatively, run past the tool store and fondle a couple others sitting around to see if they are the same as yours or tighter.



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            I believe PC has phased out the grey carrying cases. The last two PC tools I bought came in black cases.


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              I have thought about going to a diffrent tool store and check out another PC 557, but I have not had a chance yet. I also called PC for support but they were not helpful like Ridgid. A matter of fact, they sounded like I was bothering them. Thanks for all your help.