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Finger pinching with TS Tabletop

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  • Finger pinching with TS Tabletop

    I'm looking to purchase my 1st Table Saw and wanted to look at the TS3612 after reading a review. The 1st problem I've found in looking to see this TS is that I can't find a display model. The 2nd problem is that after looking at a Ridgid TS with the same table top, It's got me worrying about pinching a finger. Is there a problem with the design and if so, can I replace the table top wings with a stamped steel or solid cast iron wings?

    BTW, I understand that the newer Craftsman Table saws are no longer built by Emerson, but the displays I did see at Sears looked to still be Emerson built, atleast their professional models. What does everyone think of the Sears Professional Contractor Table saws?

    - Dae

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    Have had the same type of top for @ 2 years. Still can not figure out how the finger pinching thing ever came up. Don't know how one would get their finger caught in a web of the top.


    Above mentioned TS is a Craftsman. If I knew then what I know now........ I would not purchase a Craftsman TS again. Contractors saw? RIGID is at the top of my list.
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      I don't know anything about the Craftsman saws but I can tell you that in a year of using the 2424 with the webbed cast iron top I have NEVER pinched my fingers. I think you will find that those of us that use this saw laugh at the suggestion that pinching your fingers is an issue. That said I am very happy with the 2424 and am sure that the 3612 is also a very good saw. Dave


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        I visit several woodworking forums and have picked up on a common thought regarding most Sears tool that have moving parts, and that is that they generally don't meet the owners' expectations. The evidence used to back up this contention is the disproportionate number of Cr***sman tools for resale on sites like Ebay.

        I have never owned a tablesaw from Sears so I don't have firsthand experience in this. However, I will not consider a tablesaw from Sears when I do buy one... the Ridgid 3612 is at the top of my short list, however (despite the fact that none are on display at any of the 3 HD's in my area!!).

        My advice is to visit some of the many ww'ing forums and ask questions about saws that meet your project and budget requirements. You'll be pleased with the knowledge you gain... and I bet the Ridgid 3612 will still be a contender when you make the purchase.

        Hope this helps.
        Thanks,<br />Schmian


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          I have had a TS2424 for a year now. It doubles as a bench, shelf, and an assembly table. No finger pinches, but an occasional scrap in the miter slot hangup.
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            The way I've heard it explained is that the operator's fingers get pinched while crosscutting with the miter gauge. I haven't figured out why one would drag their hand on the top of the saw while crosscutting. I put my fingers on top of the stock, just snagging the corner.

            I also have noticed in the on-line forums, that what is usually said is "you -could- catch..." (as opposed to "I did catch"). Well, you could trip and split your head on the corner of the saw, too. You -could- just about anything, I suppose.

            I wouldn't swap the webbed wings for solid. In fact, I have a set of Powermatic solid wings that someone gave me, brand new, so it would be nothing to do it for me. But then, attaching featherboards and such would be much harder, and I haven't figured out what I'd gain.



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              First off---Emerson stopped making Sears power tools in 1998---mine is a 1989 Craftsman and essentially the same as the 3612, but without all the neat improvements Emerson/Rigid has made.

              I just read the Am. WW'r review and I'd be willing to bet they just passed on the "urban legend" about pinching your fingers in the web (or as they called it-) ribbed top. Had mine sine '89 and not one little pinch yet---dropped a few tape measures through the holes but no pinching.


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                I've had my saw since "83" and have never pinched a finger, dads is 50 plus years old never pinched a finger there either. As far as tapes hitting the ground I have great experience at that one. Screws, nails, and other assorted tools go straight through as well, so I guess they don't work real well as table tops. Wouldn't trade-em for anything else.

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                  Hey Guys,

                  Don't give up on the Saw. I live in Alaska, th elast place you would think you'd see this new saw for a while. Well, Bought mine Thursday! You need to ask the Manager of the store for the TS3612. They are under some type of orders to sell out current stocks of older saws first before displaying the new ones. If they say they can't find it have them do a search on Table saws only and you will find it there. I was persistent even when they said they did not have it listed. Persistence is the name of the game. Be informed and you will get your 3612.



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                    Thanks for all the info everyone. Now if I could only see The TS3612. I've been to 4 different Home Depots and none of them have them. Not only that one guy told me I won't be able to see one until Decemeber around Xmas. What a bummer, I really wanted to see this saw to make a informed decision.

                    BTW, I have no knowledge of woodworking, unless you consider frameing walls and doing decking such. I was originally going to buy a cheap $200 table saw to just rip plywood for for a boat I'm getting ready to build but I was told to spend the extra cash and get something decent. Well it looks like I'm going to go with a Jet or Delta since they are readily available, that is unless I find 3612 to see in the next couple weeks.

                    Thanks again for the info everyone [img]smile.gif[/img]

                    - Dae


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                      I bet if you could find a eager HD salesperson you could see a 3612. They have the same SKU as the 2424 so they can't tell from an inventory check on the compuker. Have them show you the boxes. The model number is printed on the side.

                      Also, verify in writing HD's return policy and just buy one, then you actually get to see it work not just sit there and look pretty.

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                        I've had my 2424 for two years now and never caught a finger in the webbing. The holes are nice for holding my push stick and speed square. I fitted the top with a nice plywood cover for when the saw is not in use and it doubles as a work surface. I wouldn't trade the saw's wings for anything.
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