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Carbide Planer knives?

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  • Carbide Planer knives?

    I plane alot of teak and need carbide blades for any kind of sharpness durability with my planer knives... Does rigid make them for the 13"

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    Dana, Ridgid doesn't offer carbide blades for the 13" thickness planer. They can be purchased on the after market at about $180. Not worth it to me. For one thing carbide is very brittle, especially when ground to a very thin sharp edge like on planer knives. If you take very thin cuts and make more passes you will be supprised how well the blades hold up. I use hardwoods all the time and have done some teak. If you put carbids on and chip them its harder to remove the raised portion then it is to keep changing blades. Just one old woodworkers opinion.