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To all those who have made the RIDGID woodworking forums a success...

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    Thanks for all your help Jake. I especially appreciated this forum when I was a woodworking neophyte. You've given a lot, and now you're getting something back. Now that I've cut a few bd ', I know that the early progress would have been much slower without guys like you having the patience to answer the basic questions time and again.

    Best wishes in your new endeavor.



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      Thanks for all your help with the forum, the many questions you've answered, and the problems you got resolved for me. Good luck and best wishes.


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        Jake: A bit belatedly (I've been otherwise engaged for a while), but hopefully you'll get this: I, too, want to express how much of a contribution you made to this forum, my disappointment at your departure, and my best wishes on your new endeavor. Hell of a guy.

        For what it is worth, I've just spent the last hour reading the posts about the changes at Ridgid, of which I was totally unaware. A sad time.


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          Jake, THANK YOU FOR YOUR HARD WORK FOR ALL OF THIS. BEST TO YOU AS YOU MOVE ON. I HAVE A GREAT FAITH IN THE RIDGID NAME AND THE QUALITYTHAT HAS BEEN THE #1. I still use my pipe wrenches that I bought in 1956! they have stood the teat of time, misuse and are as good today as they were then. I have enjoyed my TS2412 and planer and hopefuly one day I will be gettting the
          6" JOINER as soon as the $ are right with me. SS only gives so much and there are othe things that one needs.