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Shop built dust collection......

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  • Shop built dust collection......

    Ok, im tired of the mess. However boss (wife) says I can either buy a truck load of walnut from the sawmill, or a dust collector.

    Im buying the wood.

    However, I love making stuff, so my question is this....

    I have 2 large volume fan motors/squirrel cage assemblies from ac/heater units. One is being used for my air filter, other one is sitting on a shelf, so, can a shop made dust collection work using 1 if not 2 of these motors?, they push alot of air, im sure sucking is just as good as the dave matthews band. lol
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    Re: Shop built dust collection......

    Well, I was thinking of making a new filter box, but have a 6" pipe inlet coming down to a garbage can, then run lines to my equipment.

    Sound about right for a double duty air filter/dust collection?.


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      Re: Shop built dust collection......

      Just a word of caution,

      I built some thing like that years ago in my wood shop I was using for business purposes, and I was very fortunate that I had smoke detectors that was wired together into the house.

      I used a box fan, and blew that into a plywood box, and had 4 furnace filters on the face of it, it was 5 sides, any way between some lacquer and the saw dust, and since I was blowing into the box, the motor was lacquer and dust covered some of the motor, and one evening I was in the house for a break, and the smoke detectors when off, I checked the house and headed out to the shop, and was filled with smoke, the motor started the dust smoldering and it was smoldering across the fan grid, and had not reached the filters, but if it would have most likely it would have flamed and most likely I would have seriously damaged the shop or lost it, as here is the dust collector in the top of the roof 12 feet off the ground, (I was able to take a ladder and pull the box fan out of the dust collector and take it out side and hose it off),

      but keep it clean and IMO pull the air into the filters not blow into them so the motors stay clean,
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        Re: Shop built dust collection......

        my "filter" has 2 filters before the fan, and 2 after, and the fan/motor/cage are enclosed in the box.