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MS1065LZ Stops "Wiggle"

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  • MS1065LZ Stops "Wiggle"

    Just purchased a 10" MS1065LZ CMS. Was between this and the DeWalt 10" - Went with the rigid due to the laser guide, table extension, clamp, and more precise bevel markings. Well, after setting it up last night and getting it square, I've noticed that the angle stops just get you in the "neighborhood" of the desired angle - still about 3 degrees of play to consider before tightening the table. Okay, no big deal I thought - they all must work that way. However I checked out the DeWalt 10" again today, and there is "no play" in its preset stops!

    Any thoughts? I'm considering returning it for the DeWalt...... ($180 - same price after 10%coupon). I figure I'll make a ton more angle than bevel cuts in my lifetime....


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    Only thing I can think of is if there's an adjustment for the part that fits the detents around the table---if it stopped before it fully engaged the detent, you'd have the slop you described. Check the manual for adjustment info---I have the DeWalt 12" and there's no slop---do understand being swayed by the laser.


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      Stopped in again at HD today. The Rigid CMS's on display didn't seem any worse in regards to play in the stops compared to all the others. Came back home and checked mine again. After engaging the stop, the handle has very little play (pretty much like all other tables I looked at)...however the table still has quite a bit of play separate from the handle........

      Think I'll reset the table again so zero falls right where the table naturally falls for the stop. Maybe I'll end up keeping it after all....


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        Guess you have to see what you're talking about. I can only say I've never experienced that kind of problem with mine. checked it when I first bought it and twice since owning it and it's always been dead on---no slop. I think on any of them, you do have to tighten the handle.


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          Figured it out! The couple allen head screws underneath that connect the handle to the table were loose. All is fine now - guess I won't be returnning for a DeWalt....


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            KGF...the Dewalt 10" miter saw is the only one in their line that is made in Taiwann. I have 2 Dewalt 12" one slider and the old compound miter, both are the toughest tools I own, had the Rigid 12" slider for a week and returned it, the lasers would blink and where never exact, much like Porter Cable they would be better off to remove them from the saws, also the motor case and handle got very hot after an hour or so of use, and I mean hot enough that you could not touch it till it cooled down.
            So My Professional opinion Dewalt Makes the best Miter-Boxes ( since Milwaukee stopped selling them)
            Phillip Allen