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wet/dry vac with detachable leaf blower

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  • wet/dry vac with detachable leaf blower

    I've never had a wet/dry vac and feel I need one now with a detachable leaf blower. I'm trying to figure our whether I should get the Ridgid or ShopVac brand. Which ever I get I need it to pull triple duty. 1st is to use it as a vacuum lifting whatever is on the floor whether it be dust, nut, bolts, water or whatever. 2nd is to use it to connect to my TS3612 and my MS1250 for dust collecting and lastly is to use it in the fall to blow away all those leafs that come down into my yard. So can any one recommand which brand to get and why it might be better then the other?


    - Dae

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    i bought the ridgid...and it is awesome. in fact if i was a betting man, and i could be wrong about this...but if i was a betting man, they are both probably made by the same company?


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      If you like noise buy a RIDGID. A noisier shop vacuum, IMHO, can't be found but Craftsman is close. A shop vac with a blower is OK if you have a garage or dedicated shop that needs a good blowing out every now and again. For leaf blowing though give me a gas powered blower everytime. I hate lugging that electrical cord all over the yard.
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        I do not know which one is better but I bought the Ridgid. It is great. As for blowers, I would have to agree that pulling the cord around is a pain. But then again, mixing the oil and gas is no fun either. The motorized tools I have require different mixes which means a few more gas cans in my garage. My gas blower is broken and the Ridgid does just fine.



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          Owned a Shop Vac, w/blower, for several years------have to say it really stunk as a vac-------I'd spend half the time unplugging the hose---and much of this trying to get it to work with my table saw.

          I used to think the saving grace of this unit was the leaf blower----that is until it had to be replaced and since I don't have a load of seasonal leaves, bought another electric----a Toro leaf blower-------WHAT A DIFFERENCE-----the old Vac one was like an asthmatic trying to blow out birthday candles----the Toro was like a huricane!

          Just my .02 cents worth----what I have now is a small dust collector, which handles, with ease, the large volumes of ww'ing sawdust-----have a small (1.5 gal) AllAround, by Shop Vac----which is fantastic for attaching to the sander, router and for small clean-ups throughout the house, car, etc. Then, I have the mentioned Toro leaf blower. I think I've found just the right combination of tools.


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            I replied to your qustion over on the Ryobi forum (aside - glad I'm not the only one here who visits over there ). Anyway, like I said over there, I have a 16 gallon Ridgid, without detachable blower, that is great. Use mine hooked up to my TS3612 all the time. I will try to finally get some photos posted this week that show my vac in its cabinet with the connection through a 5 gallon separator. Would love to have a "real" dust collector but all things in due time. For now, my setup serves me well.
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              Thanks fort he info everyone. It looks like, I need to go with the Ridgid vac. The only thing now is that I'm not sure if I want the blower. The cord is not much of a problem for me since I live in a Townhouse and my yard is small. I'm just wondering how well the vac will perform.


              - Dae


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                as far as the blower goes...i have no use for one. one option you might consider though...(if you are buying the vac to use as a blower mainly) to look at the gas powered trimmers. hd sells many different ones, with a bunch of attachments that fit many of them. one of the attachments is a blower. so if you already have one of these trimmers with an interchangable head, you might consider just buying the blower attachment


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                  Personally, I'd buy a gas powered leaf blower and a ShopVac vacuum. I have both a Ridgis and a ShopVac and because the shop vag is bag compatible, I primarily use the ShopVac.

                  I have a gas powered leaf blower as well and can say from experience that it will blow leaves, but not like they show on TV. Most of the time, they fly up in the air and come back at you. I find the best route is to buy one that sucks and shreds the leaves into a bag.