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Blade angle adjustment problem with TS3612

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  • Blade angle adjustment problem with TS3612

    I have been using my new TS3612 table saw for just a few weeks. In general I have been very pleased with the performance and overall accuracy.
    However I have a real problemn with the blade tilt angle not returning to zero. This is because of sawdust buildup on the surface that the stop setscrew hits. After going back and forth between a 12 degree rip and vertical(0 degree)rip, I noticed that my supposed 0 degree rips were actually off by as much as three degrees. The blade was off 90 by that much even though I had backed it back to the stop position.
    It was a real nuisance to get to the surface to remove the sawdust, going thru the throat opening with the blade cranked way over.
    Does anyone else have this problem? Any suggestions for a easier remedy than constantly having to remove the sawdust? I think this is a serious design flaw especially when combined with the "soft" mount for the adjusting wheel crank.
    Your comments please, Tony303

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    This has been an issue for me as well. I believe a dust collection system would be of help. I usually just use a square every time I bring the blade back to vertical. Since my saw is used strictly as a hobby, this is not much of a problem for me.

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      I do not own the 3612, but do own the 2424. I would never rely upon any angle gauge mounted to the saw. First thing I did when I set up my saw was to back off the stop set screws for the stops full hilt. Any blade changes are done with a reliable square or protractor. This also allows for dust buildup.

      Same as the tape rule on the fence rails, never use them. Always put my cabinet makers rule to the blade to the fence. It's the only way to be sure your getting out of what your asking of your machine.

      For roughing, or non precission cuts it's all right, just my 2 cents worth.
      John E. Adams<br /><a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\"></a>