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  • Microadjust Trunions

    O.k. guys, what’s the micro-adjust trunion that everyone's talking about on the TS24** table saws? I researched the parts pages, but there's no mention of it.

    I have a TS2412, and I know I don't have anything like a micro-adjust trunion (micro-adjust means smaller taps with the hammer). Can I get the micro-adjust for my TS2412??

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    On the TS2424 there are two allen wrench set screws, one on each side of the center rear trunion bolt. When the trunion very close to parallel to the miter slot, you can lightly tighten the center rear bolt and then use the appropriate set screws to "nudge" the rear trunion into position.

    I'm not sure if this applies to the TS2412.


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      The micro-adjust trunnions is only on the latest TS2424 (model TS24241). The TS24240 did not have it, neither the TS2412. I am not sure if you can purchase the rear trunnion for the TS24241 (and the set screws) and install them on the TS2412. Jake will have to answer that. If you can, I think it will cost you about $20 plus shipping for the parts.

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        I have a 24241 and have the micro adjust screws. I still had to use a hammer. With the all of the screws loose I could not get those ity-bity allen screws to move the trunion at all. With my calibrated taps I got it all pretty close though [img]smile.gif[/img] .

        Has anyone used them successfully???

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          The micro-adjust trunion only comes with the TS2424, but it can be mounted on the TS2412. It consists of two small set screws on either side of the center bolt on the rear trunion. The set screws are run in and out to adjust the heal of the blade. To purchase that trunion, go to and look under the TS2424 1 and look at the rear trunion.


          You have to run the set screws in a ways before they contact the bolt. The factory doesn't use the micro-adjust to set up the saw so the screws are just threaded in far enough to hold them in place. When the set screw starts to touch the bolt the head will actually be recessed into the trunion housing.



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            Thanks Jake, I know I didn't go that far with them. They sure turn tough not to mention they are a little akward to get to, maybe a little slippy goo (grease) would help?

            Every project I start is a gamble.