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Trying to buy the RS1000 - Jake?

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  • Trying to buy the RS1000 - Jake?

    Has anyone had any luck in purchasing a Ridgid Radial Arm Saw recently. The brain surgeons at my local HD cannot seem to get it done. I guess I would like to hear from Jake. Can the RS1000LS still be purchased, and if so, why can't the people at the local store seem to get it done. This has been going on for three weeks and my patience are running thin!

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    My local HD has all the Ridgid stuff in stock, but I do notice that I get better service during certain times. I noticed at my HD that during the day between say 9 and 3 I get the best service because that's when the contractors normally shop. I believe that's when the most experienced people work. Also, try going to the Pro Desk. They will help with just about anything there. HTH.


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      Thanks for the thoughts, however, I have been dealing with the "Special Order" desk from the start, and they are the ones who cannot seem to get it done. If possible, I would like to go direct to Emerson, has anyone ever had success doing this?


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        Get the name of the HD store manager. Then call Ridgid Customer Service and request they contact him and then that they (Ridgid) get back to you with an answer. If that doesn't get you any results the next stop should be HD regional office.

        The reason that you seem to get the best service at HD between 9AM and 3PM is that is the time when their "professionals" are in school, high school.

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        I decided to change calling the bathroom the "John" and renamed it the "Jim". I feel so much better saying I went to the Jim this morning.


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          Badger Dave,

          I have to laugh about the "in school" comment. I know what you mean, but at the store closest to my house, there are many contractors who do part time during the week. The guys are very knowledgable about certain things and generally go the extra mile for me. (I am going through a hassle trying to get a 14" band saw. All the HD's are out with no arrival date.)

          As a side note, I visit HD probable 5 times a week because I do building maintenance as a full time job and my wife works at HD part time.


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            If they do not have one in stock, they should be able to special order it. Home Depot's stock number for the RS1000 is 699-941. If they cannot ordering it from that, drop me an email. I will see what I can do



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              Thanks for the thoughts. After escalating the issue to the store manager, they had one overnighted for the next day. I was disappointed I had to deal with a manager, but pleased with the efforts to "make it right". Kudos to HD