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  • random orbit sander

    I'm looking at random orbit sander.I would like to spend no more than $250. I'm looking makita, dewalt, porter-cable,& any other brands. Thanks
    Andy B.

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    Porter-Cable, PC, or Porter Cable. You will be happy with any one of these.
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      I have a Dewalt. I bought a factory reconditioned unit from HF. I've had it about two years and so far, no problems, and I use it alot. Much faster than a 1/4 sheet sander.
      I've even hooked it up to my DC by removing the dust bag and adding a pigtail of 2 1/2" tube from Rocklers with a quick disconnect.
      Rob Johnson
      Orange, Ca.
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        I looked at the PC and the Dewalt when I purchased mine. I decided on the Dewalt because they are virtually the same price, but the Dewalt has a sealed switch to keep out dust. Then I found a reconditioned one at HF for $69. Couldn't pass it up. I have had it about a year now and no problems at all.
        Brad Hatchett<br />


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          I bought the Makita BO5021 variable speed based on references on the web. Best sander I have ever used, excellent dust collection even without a vacuum connection. Bought a Ryobi as a second unit (so I wouldn't have to change paper as often). The Ryobi was so terrible by comparison (poor dust collection, more vibration, poor hook and loop) that I bought a second Makita, and a third Makita as a gift.


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            I have the variable speed PC; it delivers an excellent finish and produces minimal vibration resulting in comfortable extended period usage. In all honesty though, the onboard dust collection leaves a lot to be desired. If it broke today I would probably replace it with an identical unit just because I already have an ample supply of 5-hole paper. If it was my initial ROS purchase I would choose either the Bosch 1295DVS or the equivalent model Makita, both of which utilize 8-hole paper.



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              Is variable speed a must when sanding?

              [ 05-25-2003, 05:42 PM: Message edited by: Andy B. ]
              Andy B.


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                If you are willing to spend as much as $250, you might just want to check out the Festool sander. Their entire tool line looks very interesting. The only reports I've read about the tools seem to be raves.

                I just bought my 1st ROS( PC 333 - 5 hole hook & loop). Hadn't used H & L before - beats the heck out of cutting sheets and sticking sander clamps. I've used the PC pretty heavily in the last month. It sands well and doesn't collect dust all that well. I'm happy for $49


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                  What's up with the $250? RAS units normlly go for between $40 and $70. I have a DeWalt unit that uses 8 hole paper and love the thing. If it ever goes, or I need find a good deal on a PC 333, I'l get one of those. I can not think of a reason why I would ever need variable speed. If I was afraid about taking too much off, then I would change parer grit. With velcro, it only takes 5 seconds.


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                    I have the Dewalt variable speed. I too got the Dewalt because of the sealed switch. It is a VERY strong unit.
                    A few pet peaves:
                    -Dust collection is great but the chute slips on and can slip off during use from time to time.
                    -Also, all ROS may be this way but there is a white ring that is a wear part (an extra is included). It is easy enough to change but I haven't found replacements sold. This is partially from a lack of effort but the point is that you can't stop by Home Depot or Lowe's and pick one up. I'm probably happier than I know that there is this wear part, the ROS should last a long time.

                    As for variable speed, I love it! If you are willing to spend that type of money, get variable speed. It gives so much more control plus when you sand a really soft wood, just turn down the speed as opposed a light touch.

                    I've heard good things about the Bosch as well. Heck, if you want to spend that much money, get a single-hand 5" and a big heavy-duty right-angle 6". Sometimes I wish I had the bigger one as well for table tops. Links are below so you know what I'm babbling about (not pushing Dewalt, these are just examples). Of course, you could also get a ROS and a benchtop sander instead.

                    "single-hand 5" "

                    "big 6" "


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                      I also have the Makita B05021, and highly recommend it. It has good DC, a removable front handle, variable speed, low vibration, and runs cool while being comfortable to hold. For long sanding sessions or for doing vertical surfaces, it is nice to have the two handles.


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                        I just recently replaced my Ryobi ROS with a PC 333VS and the difference all the way around is amazing. While the PC was twice the Ryobi's price ($80 compared to $40), it is also extremely solid and doesn't nearly vibrate like the Ryobi.

                        For the money your willing to spend on sanding, you may also look to purchasing a few different types to accomodate your needs (i.e. belt sander, ROS etc.). Just a thought.
                        Patrick<br /><br />


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                          rmacmec wrote: (with reference to the DeWalt 423) "the chute slips on and can slip off"

                          Mine does that too. Easy fix:

                          Get a little sheetmetal screw like is used in automotive trim work. Drill a little pilot hole right through the chute into the body of the sander, and run the screw in.

                          I've done this to my Porter-Cable 333 and DeWalt 421. I guarantee, they don't come apart accidentally after this. Doesn't negatively affect the machine in any way, could conceivably affect the warranty maybe?



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                            Thanks Dave!