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  • Router table/table saw

    I have the Dewalt 7463 table saw. It has the 52" rip fence, and extended side table as well as the 4' outfeed table. When I bought it, it came with an extra set of table wings, so i put an extra one between the side table and side table extension (giving me 5' of table extension for support). I have a friend who is a machinist who drilled and tapped the last cast iron wing to mount to the left side of the table. He then drilled a 3' hole in the center of the wing and drilled holes to accept my router. I now use my rip fence with jigs as a router table and have really opened up the space i used for my router table. For prople who are looking to save space with a router table this may be an alternative. I don't know enough about what other mfg.'s offer but it might be worthwhile to investigate whether they offer any type of add-on wing for the same purpose, or if they offer additional wings and call in a favor from a machinist friend to help fabricate something similar, just a suggestion

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    Glad you got something you like. However, putting a router in a ts wing is fairly simple and you can make your own based on your needs/habits. Nothing wrong in buying one---just sounded like you thought this was only way to skin a cat!!


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      Sounds like you have a heck of a table saw set up!
      You have any photo's you can share?
      I always enjoy looking at fellow woodworkers machinery, never know when I see something that sparks an idea for my own shop!
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