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Problem with "new" BS14000

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  • Problem with "new" BS14000

    Long time listener - first time caller. [img]smile.gif[/img]

    I recently purchased a floor model BS14000 from HD with 6" riser block, two 105" blades, and 2 sets of cool blocks for 300 bucks. Wow. Very happy. However, I've just noticed that the blade is not aligned - not too worried, it should line up when I learn how to do it (hence my post). The only obvious alignment problem that I can see is that the blade (3/8") - set in middle of upper/lower pulleys - sits about 1/8" to far to the right. The result is that it cuts a 1/8" groove in the insert plate. I can't seem to find a way to get it to move forward, without simply moving it forward on the pulley. A good thought - until I want to use a wider blade.

    I'm a beginner - go easy! I'm still learning how to use the bandsaw - heck - I'm trying to learn how to set it up! Any help or suggestions would be most helpful.


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    On band saws one of the wheels is space out with washer. Try removing one washer and see if that helps.
    Andy B.


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      You might want to consider getting a Lonnie Bird or Mark Duginski book on bandsaws. Mark also has one "Mastering woodworking machines" that includes most machines that anyone doing this for a hobby would have. I still refer to them once in a while.

      Bob R