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Delta Tenoning Jig - One More Time!!!

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  • Delta Tenoning Jig - One More Time!!!

    Just got and set up the Woodcraft tenoning jig on the TS3650. Because the miter slot is 5 1/8" from blade and because I'm using 2 3/4" tenon stock, the Woodcraft just makes it to the outside of the cut. It really isn't made for the Ridgid left-tilt as far as I can see, as other problems arise such as you can't set the inch gauge to zero with the left-tilt. The Delta contractor's saw has its miter slot only 4 1/8" from the blade and supposedly works better with the Woodcraft.

    Has anyone used the Delta 184 or 183 on a TS3650 and will either take the full 3 1/4" stock that they advertise it handles? Any other input would be appreciated.

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    I have the older TS from Ridgid and am using the Delta tenoning jig with it. I had one of my employees take a piece of hard maple and fit it to the face of the jig to move the lumber out to the proper location. Just make sure you make it small enough to allow for adjusting the angle to 90'. We have used it for several years and it works well.
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      Hi English

      I just checked my Delta 34-184c and it will take stock of just over 3 ½” (I measured the distance between the vertical support plate and the work clamp at its further most setting.
      I have no idea if it will fit on your TS3650, but it works ok on my left tilting Ryobi BTS20R.
      The base plate on the Delta has a extra set of hole’s drilled and tapped so you can adjust the miter guide from right to left tilting arbors.
      Fine woodworking mag did a test of a few tenoning jigs in their Febuary 2005 edition.
      Hope that this info was helpful to you.

      ……….All The Best Grayskin…….

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        I had bought the Rockler Tenon jig for my TS3650
        and it would not adjust. I returned it and was told that a Delta tenon jig would work. It had the same problem as the Rockler. It would either not adjust close enough to the blade or extend way past the blade. My neighbor who was a machinest for Delta help me measure the correct distance for the base plate then drilled a new set of holes for the jig. Now it adjust to the blade correctly and works great. The new set of holes that we drilled are approximately half way between the two sets of hole from the factory.



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          How far is it from your miter gauge to the blade?
          Thanks for the reply.