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  • TS2424 Problem

    Hello Everyone
    Anyone had a problem with t2424 of the piece not being square when using the miter gauge?
    Here is my problem
    if i cut a piece of wood against the fence its dead on , but if i use the miter the piece its off almost
    a 1/4 " on a piece 16" long .
    I checked everything with a square and everything its square .
    Any Idea?
    (I make sure i don't move the piece against the miter)

    One more problem
    I've bought an after market miter gauge and for some reason if i use it on the left side of the saw slides nice and easy
    but when i use it on the right side a can only push it half way then its to tight
    it is possible i have a bad table top?
    I have no problem with the rest of Ridgid machines I own .

    Thanks in advance for you input

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    On the cut problem, it sounds like your blade still has heal. I am going to guess that the rear of the blade is healed to the left. That would allow you to make a clean cut while ripping on the right side, but cause a great deal of trouble when crosscutting, especially using the left slot. The blade should be exactly parallel to the miter slots. Also you should always square your miter gauge to the miter bar, not to the blade.

    On the problem with the aftermarket bar, the bar on that gauge should be adjustable. Simply set it to fit in the narrower miter slot. There will be some slight differences between the left and right miter slots due to machining tolerances.

    One more thing, a 16" wide piece of stock is a bit large for a standard miter gauge. I would recommend building a sled for crosscutting sheet goods that wide.