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    Aw co'mon guys, how about one each of all the tools? Think how colorful your shop would look then! LOL
    \"Aarrgh, sliver me timbers\"<br /><a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\"></a>


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      Deblieux----- We splurged and replaced our whole system about 3 years ago----made up of Sony, Yamaha and Teac----looked like clones of eachother. If you're finding silver now----maybe that will be easier to see!

      Know what you mean about keeping the wife happy----of course, now the technology is such that you can put your stuff behind closed doors and still use the remote----don't know if they can retrofit that 8-track though!


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        You guys doing the complaining must not be real tool guys. I buy my tools because of the quality, not because of the colors. My tools quickly get a malange of colors, consisting of pipe cutting oil, kitchen grease, sawdust, fire extinguisher chemicals and plain old dirt. My tools are tools, not fashion statements. I and my employees make our living with tools. We do not stand around and discuss colors schemes, we use our tools.If the new Ridgid Tools are as good as my present Ridgid pipe tools, I will purchase them, no matter what the color.

        Douglas Hicks
        General Fire Equipment Co of Eastern Oregon, Inc
        A company using quality tools of many colors (without prejudice) in the installation, service and repair of fire alarms, automatic sprinkler systems, fire suppression systems in industrial, commercial kitchen and hazardous material locations and portabe fire extinguishers.


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          KITCHEN GREASE? You cooking on those things? Doesn't the pipe cutting oil and the fire extinguisher chemicals taint the food? Sounds like quality implies that it should look like we drug it out of the swamp.
          Sorry Fireman, but if us wood guys treated our equipment like that, the quality of our woodworking would be, should we say, in the toilet. We get plenty of sawdust and plenty of grime in our gear too, and we even get plain old dirt under our fingernails. I subject my various tools to the conditions of their respective job, and my plumbing tools get dirty, too.
          I have noticed that a fire truck can be a rather impressive piece of equipment, and we have both heard the same arguments from fire fighters concerning color selection on fire trucks, whether red, white, or lime yellow. It is possible to have quality gear and yet good-looking equipment, too.
          And perhaps you have also noticed that part of the concern is whether the new Ridgid Tools WILL be as good as your present Ridgid pipe tools.
          No matter what the color? Sounds noble, but which lines of equipment would you purchase in shocking pink?
          If it don\'t fit, force it. If it breaks, \'needed fixin\' anyhow. 8{~


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            First off, the contrast of this forums needs to revert to the old one. It's just too harsh on the eyes to stay with it very long.

            Someone with a hugger orange "69" RS Camaro sitting in the garage next to all the equipment would probably love the color. But how many wood workers ya think have that camaro?

            I'm affraid the complaints from home depot before was that sales did not meet their expectations with the Ridgid stationary and bench top tools. Well, I wonder if this over powering orange color will change that?

            It may look good in Home Depot surronded by orange shopping carts and material carts, and the trim throughout the store. But when sitting in the shop at home, next to some other brands of machinery...It'll be the Red Headed Step Child of the shop.
            John E. Adams<br /><a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\"></a>


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              Don't be so harsh on the Hugger Orange Camaros or the red heads Woody...both are many times better than the puke orange we see on the header ad....
              Kelly C. Hanna<br /><a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\">Hanna Woodworks</a>


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                You guys doing the complaining must not be real tool guys. I buy my tools because of the quality, not because of the colors.
                If somethin makes your eyes hurt when you look at it, I wouldn't buy it, no matter how good it was.

                FWIW, DeWalt yellow is actually quite pleasing on the eyes when on little hand tools. Even their new table saw isn't that bad. Casinos in Vegas spend millions on research to determine what colors are pleasing and whick ones offend. I can guarantee you that bright orange will never be found on a casino carpet.


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                  George - good analysis of the color field for tool brands. And you are right, color does itentify you.

                  RIDGID is traditionally a shade of Red. Think pipe wrench. The color of the orginal bench and stationary tools was gray because that is what was dominate in the market. Sometimes it is good to stand out and be visible. And when you have invested what we have to differentiate the tools you too would want them to stand out in a crowd.

                  Fireman - appreciate your comments. Look forward to hearing if the new RIDGID tools work for you and your staff and meet your expectations.

                  No retailer picked the color.. If a retailer picked the color marketing guys like me, researchers, and professionals wouldn't have any say... What fun would that be?

                  While I am sure we would all have our own selection if we were king for a day... look at the category. Red's are taken by Firestorm, and Milwaukee. Blue is Ryobi. Green is Hitachi. Gray - Porter and Delta. Yellow is DeWalt. People were negative on the yellow color as being too dramatic 10 years ago when the product first appeared. I am sure everyone here can spot a DeWalt tool today without seeing the name on the tool. Plus, as some of your commented - you like the color now.

                  Try the tools before you pass judgement on them. I would be amazed if anyone of us would not use a tool because of its color if the tool offered the best features, was easy to use, and performed for us.

                  Now - as for comments on the site.. I want you all to be awake and paying attention when you visit!!! Its a new look, and a work in progress. We are quite proud of it and will be contiuing to refine it. Doesn't anyone have anything positive to say?


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                    Yes. I POSITIVELY cannot use the registration form on the new site. In Occupation, I select 'other' and fill in my occupation and I get an error, prompting me to go back, because I forgot to fill in my occupation. Then I have to fill it ALL in again.


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                      I'm positive that most of us preferred the old site. I haven't seen anyone say they prefer the new site. My only criticism is the that the old color scheme was easier on the eyes.


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                        I have something positive to say.

                        I have a ridgid tablesaw and planer today. I like these tools.

                        I think the new color scheme will allow ridgid to standout in the stores. I will be able to find them when I want to buy more ridgid. But like Fireman, I don't give a dam about the color.

                        I want tools that are quality at a reasonable price. I bought my 3612 and 1300 for that reason.

                        I am interest in knowing when I will be able to see the new tools in the stores, read reviews at the popular woodworking magazines, and want to know how much they will cost me.



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                          The color? It doesn't matter, if the tools are what we expect (Gooood). In the past I've had two orange cars (A Torino and a Chevell). Soooo let's use the tools ,try them out , and then pass our opinion (just my 5 cents worth). The new website-I feel I must agree that I to liked the old one better! But for a chance to get all the info from everyone I guess I can endure. Peace to all-Rick


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                            Positive comment:

                            I positively do not like the bright background of the new sight...but I can live with it.

                            As for making your tools stand out, it ain't the color that does this. Its your quality, feel, and customer service that sets you apart. Not to mention the Lifetime Warranty(that will be missed). I owned an orange Camaro many years ago and have many fond memories of that vehicle and the fun I had with it... until I ran it into a palm tree in Florida! If I don not purchase another RIDGID tool, it will not be because of the color.
                            keep makn\' sawdust!...just don\'t breath any.


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                              Here's the deal Brand Man...we are all very disappointed (well most of us anyway) that our favorite brand has been sold out to someone who's never made quality tools. It's a tough road you have ahead proving your brand name again. Choosing Home Depot Orange for the color wasn't the brightest move you've made (you can call it red all you want, but HD orange is what it looks most like (besides B&D orange).

                              Whether we all buy or not buy the new Ridgid tools will depend on what those (who are braver than I) say about them over the long haul. Personally, I've never bought any product the first year of it's debut.

                              We're just saying that the colors you've chosen for the tool and the website are nowhere near as pleasing as the old ones (being nice). As far as the tool itself, if it's a great line of quality that everyone raves about the first year or so, then maybe some of us who hate the color scheme can be swayed.
                              Kelly C. Hanna<br /><a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\">Hanna Woodworks</a>


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                                I'm anxious to see the tools in real life! I don't have a problem with the color. I will admit that I have swayed back and forth on my opinions of Ridgid since all the "announcements". The thing that strikes me as interesting is how we were so vocal of our support of "our" Ridgid tools and then when the first announcements came down some of us (including me) seemed to turn on Ridgid all the sudden. The tools we bragged on so much ... the jointer, planer and others were already made overseas. Now we think the "new" tools will be junk because they are outsourced. What's up with us? I am a hobby woodworker and a newbie and am building my tool collection. I have a lot to learn. The more time passes, the more I look favorably on the "new" tools. So, I've been wishy washy, I admit it. But, my opinions are positive and my anticipation high.
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