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    Hey Kelly---now don't hold back!!!

    Heard a rumor---Carrot-Top is slated to do the new HD/Ridgid ads!


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      Carrot top! LOL


      I do hope that Ryobi produces a product for Rigid that has the same quality as the Rigid products now in my shop. I have the thickness planner and jointer. Both of these tools are top notch in the price range. The only other Rigid woodworking tool I would buy in the future is the DP1550, and I hope to do that soon with the ones that are still in HD. Since Rigid does not make a cabinet saw, I won't be buying a saw from Rigid (I now have a Unisaw, so it will not be replaced in my life time).
      I will always let people know that the quality of the tools I currently own are good. I truely beleive that the TP1300 and my jointer are at the top of thier class. Will the ones that Ryobi makes for Rigid be as good? I suspect that Rigid has made sure that Ryobi can, and will, produce these tools to the Rigid standard that all of us who have been using this forum (and Rigid WW tools) came to expect.
      As to the color on the stands of the new tools. I'm glad that YOU like it! I sure don't! But then again, it is only a color, and unless you have made the stands out of an un-paintable material, one can always cover the red/orange hunter safty color up!
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        I can see a "Job Site" piece of machinery having it's advantage of the color; for saftey and identifying "your" machine. But for home use in your own shop, FORGET IT!

        If I owned a production shop, and quality and price was associated with the profit margin, and "who cares" what the color is, fine. But it's "MY SHOP" and not only will it have quality and functional machinery, but it "WILL" look good. And I use the Crap out of my machines! Documented 42 projects completed in 13 months I've owned my Ridgid Machinery.

        I keep my shop clean, neat and orderly. And it will look good. As far as buying machinery, then investing time to paint prep and paint what should be acceptable from the box...I'll look else where.

        Again, I say...The color will hurt sales for the serious, hobbiest and novice machine purchaser. Remember, the place Ridgid Woodworking "Stationary" and "Bench Top" machinery is sold, is based on the "Do It Yourselfer". Not the Professional. (For the most part, keeping affordability in mind)

        A serious hardwood factory is across the street from my employer's base shop location. It has a number of European machines. I know for a fact they would not look at a Ridgid machine. The employees might for home/personal use.

        Meeting the Office Exec. at the mail box yesterday, I offered my business card to my personal shop. Again meeting him at the mail box today, he commented on the good looks of my shop after viewing my "shop tour".

        I asked him what he would think of it if all the leg stands, and main bodies would look like in bright orange. No reply, but a serious frown he gave me and said one word before he crossed the street back to his office..."NOT".

        And Norm...I think you've had enough input to revert back to the old color scheme for this forum, don't you? Now hop to it...CHOP CHOP !!!

        [ 08-25-2003, 10:35 PM: Message edited by: UO_Woody ]
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          I suppose to add to the carnage of the color schemes, I'm more concerned about the smoke screen this new color generates where 32 posts have talked about color when I was I was hoping for the "new exciting line" was something more in stationary machines.

          Granted this wasn't the initial focus, but I'm curious how much money in orange paint could have added another 1/4 HP to their Bandsaw with a comparable $400ish price, WITH a fence to compete with Grizzly's G0555 (perhaps even a package deal that includes the specfic Herculift or another that includes a riser kit and blades). Right now the HD in Denham Springs is selling this for $349 and it is still worth the money to have Grizzly ship theirs to the house when you throw in riser kits, blades, wheels, & delivery.

          Further, the Ridgid jointer was listed (mind you, clearance) of $449!? Someone tell me why the price of this is so much more than other jointers and if it is justified. I think for $100 more you can pick up Delta ($549) or Jet ($499) brands at Tool Crib. Grizzly has two 6" Jointers - one at $305 and the other at $375 and both have larger pass rates. The higher priced one has levers as opposed to turn wheels. The Ridgid I looked at had turn wheels if I saw it correctly.

          I suppose my pointed suggestion to this new and exciting time in Ridgid is to put the same quality per price as the Table Saw line (3612 and 3650) and the Planer (not to mention that fancy 12" slider, the stand, some of the wet vacs & those outfeed supports). Since these two machines coupled with the antiquated jointer and bandsaw complete what many WW'ers call the core machines of a shop, why not, minimally, keep these four competitive in the quality / price ratio.

          That's a business plan that can sell to aspiring DIYers as well as beginning / weekend hobbyist because rarely will the newbie fork over the money on Delta or Powermatic or other "Best Tool" awards, they are going to look at the "Best Value" and then run down to a retail outlet and put their hands on it then purchase it. These industry leaders don't have retail marketing throwing 6 months, interest-free financing. But no one would do this for an over-priced machine with mediocre performance. And you won't get the literature telling it's readers to go with Ridgid if money is an issue but quality is still needed--they'll be giving this to Grizzly.

          So please kick the "While You Were Out" crew and their road-marking paint out of the corporate office and get back down to the business of improving your core machines. In the long run, it's not the color that gets recognition, it's the history of the product. Make your stuff good, and it won't matter what color you associate with it. Let your market hold slip, and everyone will simply associate the orange lack thereof with another popular orange let down. Good Luck.
          Patrick<br /><br />


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            Originally posted by BrandMan:
            [Now - as for comments on the site.. I want you all to be awake and paying attention when you visit!!! Its a new look, and a work in progress. We are quite proud of it and will be contiuing to refine it. Doesn't anyone have anything positive to say? [/QB]
            Come on, BrandMan, just how do you think we got here? Forget the pep talk that you gave your employees at roll-out. We HAVE been awake, we HAVE been paying attention, we HAVE visited, but I wonder if you guys aren't so busy slapping yourselves on the back that you haven't blinded yourselves to what is going on?
            Most of the "99 regulars" and some of us newbies have expressed concerns that the line will in fact match the prior high quality of Ridgid woodworking tools. Believe me, we all hope that your promises of high quality will be fulfilled. Most of us understand the validity of creating a brand recognition, and will come to embrace the color on portable tools IF the quality is, in fact, there.
            But to "paraphrase" UO_Woody, it does seem a bit strong for the home shop, and, at 287 pounds, I don't expect to see too many of the TS3650's on the jobsite. Nor do you, since you call them Stationary Power Tools.
            WHICH BRINGS US TO THE WEBSITE. If you really wanted us to warm up to your HD Orange, why didn't you bring us some quality color photography, rather than the colorized black and whites? And no retailer (influenced) the color? You mean like no retailer picked the color for the Scott's lawn tractor? You may say so, but I remain sceptical.
            You guys are proud of your website, and when Coca Cola was loosing to Pepsi in all of the taste tests, they were proud of their New Coke formula, too. They just forgot to ask their consumers. Their customers didn't want the change, and your own running poll continues to indicate that over half would not have changed your website. (It was also one to be proud of.) Personally I think the main focus there means The Forum.
            Personally, I think I'll like the orange portable hand tools, and while one might call them overbearing, I'd accept the stationary tools IF the quality proves to be there. (Besides, you couldn't change the color if you wanted to.)
            The website is fine, and has a new continuity. I've seen it several times, it hasn't seemed to change much in the last week, and I probably won't need to frequent it often. So until you guys can afford color photography, leave it.
            BUT I LIKE TO VISIT THE FORUM OFTEN. So if you are sincere that it is a work in progress, that you are continuing to refine it, then you, Norm and Josh need to sit down RIGHT NOW and read through the miriad of comments that say DITCH THE WHITE! You don't need to conduct a survey, you don't have to establish a committee, you have everything before you that says simply (Norm will tell you it is not difficult) take the lead from Classic Coke and at least in our forum, GIVE US OUR OLD COLOR SCHEME BACK!
            Besides, if you got rid of that objection, wouldn't we just have one less thing to be jjo-pess!d about?
            If it don\'t fit, force it. If it breaks, \'needed fixin\' anyhow. 8{~


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              I have numerous Ridgid stationary tools and became a fan/user of Ridgid tools. However, when all this "BULL" started, I went with a Jet Cab. Saw because no one at Ridgid came forth with the "real" word that our tools would really be around. I'm pleased that things are getting sorted out now,but the New Lines will have to prove their value all over to me. Color (as I've said) I can live with, Quality - I will expect, and the reason for my Jet - Service. When I find that the same quality service is there, then I will consider the first two. (My $.05 worth this A.M.) Rick


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                Deblieux: Sorry for the attempt at a little humor with the regards to being awake.

                One comment on the mentioning of Ryobi. Ryobi isn't making the tools. Techtronic Industries is who we have partnered with. They make tools for sale under the Ryobi brand, as well as Metabo - Fein - and Senco. I would hope that we all hold these brands in some esteem for quality. That is what attacted us to partner with them.

                The quality has not slipped. If you feel that way because of who we have partnered with then only time will tell.


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                  One of the dangers of the written word is being misunderstood, because we cannot detect intonation, nor can we gauge the other's reaction. If your comment was offered in the tone of humor, I accept it as so.
                  I will evaluate the new Ridgid tools against the benchmark of the old Ridgid tools. Many of us have voiced our concerns using the Ryobi name in disparaging ways, but you seem convincing that Ridgid is holding the standards high.
                  As you have detected in other posts, this has been going on for many months, and for legal, marketing, and other reasons, little valid information has been forthcoming. That has left a vaccuum in which conjecture has fed the concerns or fears of us all. Case in point: many of us already own Ridgid tools with lifetime warranties, but have been left with the belief that Ridgid is not going to honor them. The roll-out is ready, now you guys need to start feeding us some valid information. Perhaps a better understanding of the partner arrangement would help: Is Ridgid the primary entity in the design, engineering, and marketing, or did you simply rent out your name? The experiences posted here seem to suggest that OWT is no master of customer service, and Ridgid will not be there to back us up. The only tools that seem to have your support are painted red and smell of thread cutting oil. The faster you alay these concerns, the sooner you will gain our trust.

                  But the main thrust of my post was something that you have total control over, and that is this forum. The natives are growing restless that visual changes need to be made, and you guys are so proud of this thing that you are unwilling to recognize that you made a mistake. One very simple change at this time: Reverse the white to black. You know how to do, you did it before. You can still have your visual continuity, with a distinction that the Gray-Black area is the forum, the Gray-White areas are the company information areas. I was surprised that you didn't acknowledge, let alone address this point in your reply.
                  What is wrong with the white background? It hurts the eyes! To restate my post at;f=5;t=001640, What looks good on paper doesn't necessarily translate to digital media. The problem with an all white background on computer or television is that you are looking at PROJECTED light, as opposed to REFLECTED light. Projected light is like looking into a flashlight, while reflected light is like looking at a newspaper with a reading lamp behind you. Incidently, that is the reason that looking at the reflected light on the big screen in a totally dark theatre is comfortable, yet viewing the projected light of a television screen requires auxilary light to avoid eye strain.

                  I am impressed that you have stepped up to the plate in your communication and gone from a total dormancy in posting to a very strong presence in this forum. You are to be commended.
                  Now, go take Norm to lunch and convince him that we are not out to distroy his baby, but we NEED something we can look at!
                  If it don\'t fit, force it. If it breaks, \'needed fixin\' anyhow. 8{~


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                    All this jazz about the color of the tools and this site is garbage!!! Is this still a woodworking site or has it become the site of a bunch of "Arm Chair Marketers"??? [img]redface.gif[/img]

                    Personally the color of Ridgid's new tools stand out nicely from all manufactures... The color of the tool doesn't dictate how the tool is going to operate, how long it will last, or how well it will work... It is obviously the color that the company (Ridgid) has chosen and just because a handful of woodworking/internet surfers are unhappy with the changes doesn't mean that the other 200 million woodworkers are as unhappy with it... I buy tools based on what I can produce with them, design, and quality... Delta only offers 2 years warranty on most of there equipment as well as JET... Why not snub your noses at them for being so thrifty??? 3 years from Ridgid still sounds pretty good...

                    Brandman has stated many times that the tools are of high quality and in one of his latest post, made by the same company that manufactures Senco, Metabo and Fein as well as Ryobi... I don't consider the first 3 to be of poor quality...
                    If your buying tools to show your buddies when they stop buy then maybe you want to worry about the paint job; but if you are a serious tool user then tighten the straps on your gloves and get after making some sawdust... Ridgid is offering a lifetime warranty from what I have read until the end of the year on even the new line of tools; take advantage of it... Give them a test drive and voice your opinion's based on experience rather than speculation...

                    have any of you taken the time to read that Ridgid is offering a "90 Day Satisfaction Guarantee Policy???
                    Why not try one of the new tools and run the nanners out of it for 90 days and see how you feel after that??? I am going to try the new R.O.S. as soon as I can get my hands on one...

                    I think everyone should just suck it up and quite whining about colors and websites and show us what you have made lately...

                    Brandman and Bob are both woodworkers too... I have e-mailed Brandman with questions and seen a picture of the fruit of his labor; and it is top notch... He did not achieve such quality by worrying about what color of saw he was cutting his boards with, and what color the sander he was using, or I doubt he was sitting on his work bench pondering weather the company that made his drill might build lesser quality products for another manufacturer like Ryobi...

                    This is my 2 cents on the topic and will likely be the last... I've got 500 board feet of oak to get ripped up, planned, and made into beautiful furnishings...

                    Now; back to the shop...

                    Keep drive forward Ridgid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
                    Regards,<br /><br />Big Johnson<br /><br />Pictures: <a href=\" gallery&file=index&include=view_album.php\" target=\"_blank\"> gallery&file=index&include=view_album.php</a>


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                      Well said Big!!!
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                        Originally posted by BrandMan:

                        One comment on the mentioning of Ryobi. Ryobi isn't making the tools. Techtronic Industries is who we have partnered with. They make tools for sale under the Ryobi brand,
                        Ryobi isn't making these tools! Next I guess you'll try and tell me that GMC and Chevy are seperate from each other? Quote from their website:

                        Techtronic Industries Company Limited (TTI or the Group) is a global leader in the design, manufacture and sale of home improvement products, with sales in 2002 of US$1.2 billion. Its principal areas of business are power tools, outdoor power equipment, floor care appliances, solar powered lighting and electronic measuring tools.
                        TTI maintains an expanding stable of well-established and fast-growing brands, including Ryobi power tools, Ryobi and Homelite outdoor power equipment and Dirt Devil and Vax floor care appliances.
                        Go to the website, click on "Our Business". Gee, I wonder what comes up when you click on power tools?

                        With its Ryobi brand of tools, plus private label business with retailers such as Sears, Roebuck and Company, TTI Power Tools maintains a strong market presence in North America and Europe. TTI's global product development and manufacturing capabilities have also helped it establish a strong ODM/OEM presence worldwide

                        RIGID TOOLS ARE NOW BEING MADE BY RYOBI.
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                          Keystone-----geeessh! They make Homelite too! Well add another couple of hundred I've wasted over the years on their tools-----biggest POS in the world was the Homelite chainsaw I bought----

                          Personally, I'm beginning to think the color isn't the only thing off! But in fairness, I'll wait and see what happens as people buy these tools and magazines review them, but their other tools sure don't thrill me!


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                            I'm not upset that Ryobi is making my beloved Rigid tools. I'm ticked off that Rigid tries to imply that Ryobi and ITT are two different companies, and that ITT just "happens" to also make Ryobi tools.

                            In other words, I don't like the forked tonge.
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                              I think Ryobi tools take an unfairly bad rap, and I don't think we can extrapolate much from "Ryobi" to "Ridgid" if the specs and designs are different. We have been assured that they are.

                              Ryobi is an entry-level, homeowner type line that generally delivers what it promises. People who expect to pay the 30% less than the "big" names and still get high end performance might be disappointed, but what is their failure rate out of the box? Ryobi has LOTS of happy customers who "don't know any better". I think what you have are cost-conscious designs and specs, to meet a price point, that are generally pretty well executed.

                              If Ridgid hands the same factory a higher spec and a better design, and it is also competently executed, then voila, you get a helluva product.

                              TTI is a manufacturer, Ryobi is just a brand (I don't know that all Ryobi is manufactured by TTI). Elsewhere it has been pointed out that some of the other brands manufactured by TTI are not too shabby.

                              I think the better automotive analogy could be that GM sells Geos, and Cadillacs. Different designs, materials, workmanship... even from different factories... under one corporate roof.

                              Anyways, wouldn't it be better to wait and see the damned things, rather than assume the worst because of a single name association?


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                                After reading all these posts, I was going to keep my thoughts to myself, as they don't count for much either way!
                                However, today I was at a lumber yard that is so well eqipped that they carry a wide assortment from Porter Cable, Dewalt, Makita,& Milwaukee.They are all in the same aisle, so I was able to look at them all at the same time.
                                Porter Cable and Milwaukee are sharp color schemes. Dewalt is bright, but I preferred it to Makitas rather drab blue. If I was shopping based on color, I would buy Porter Cable. I have never shopped based on color, and really think anyone who would test a tool based on its color scheme is not a true tool junkie!
                                The orange color was picked for HD, no doubt. based on the amount of tacky Nascar Home Depot jackets I see, the orange tools are gonna be popular with THAT crowd! LOL!
                                \"Is it Friday yet?\"