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  • BUTT UGLY !!!

    Just looked at the "Stationary Tools". You should have stayed with the Ridgid Gray. The tools are friggin BUTT UGLY with the Orange. It's WAY too much. As a trim it was a nice offset.

    Sorry to say it, but I would not consider buying one of them BUTT UGLY things at any price! I think you really screwed up with the color scheme.

    I hate the 15 days of deer hunting season where all you see is hunters orange. I'll be Darned if I want a shop full of it!

    Who ever decided this must have been having a flash back of an acid trip from the 60's.
    John E. Adams<br /><a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\"></a>

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    But John, how do you really feel???

    Just kidding of course. It's hard not to be suspicious that the folks at "the big orange box" didn't have something to say about the color choice. Kind of lets you know who's really calling the shots here.



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      I'm afraid to say this, but I'd chose Ryobi blue over the orange tools.

      I think Delta gray and Jet white are going to start looking good in the shop.


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        I admit that I think there is too much bright orange on all of the tools, but I'm also not crazy about all of the bright yellow on DeWalt tools, the "puke yellow" on powermatic, or Grizzly Green.

        All things being equal, I would probably choose the tool with less "color". Delta Gray and Jet White are the best contenders in that arena. However, for those not on unlimited budgets, what really matters is function, quality, and price.


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          Grizzly green is still by far the ugliest color, reminds me of reform school.


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            I think we can learn to live with the orange color, guys. Might need to wear some shades.

            Some marketing person thought that they needed to do something to distinguish their line visually from other products on the shelves.

            Jet has a nice white. (used to be a sort of aquamarine blue weren't they?)
            Delta has one kind of gray
            Porter-Cable has another gray
            Paslode has gray and orange combination too.
            Grizzley has green.
            Shop fox has --- "off white"?
            Powermatic has a sort of mustard color
            The infamous Ryobi has blue
            DeWalt has Bright Yellow
            B&D has a sort of yucky orangeish-red color -- mostly red
            Milwaukee has pure red
            Makita has a turquoise color
            Bosch has a darker turquoise color.

            You see these colors and instantly recognize the brand from a distance and walk right up to it -- if that's what you want.

            What colors were left?
            Could have had:
            Darling Baby Blue?
            How about Passion Pink? Nah!

            Or something that wouldn't stand out in the crowd of tools on the shelves like Dirt Brown?

            If they had to pick a new color, I'll take orange over other possibilities. [img]smile.gif[/img]


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              I'm with is not the best choice. I know there weren't many basic colors left, but I'd be willing to bet that with a color pallette nearby, I could have come up with a much better scheme.

              It won't be bad on the small tools, but I'd be sick about my shop getting that much orange. I too, hate Grizzly Green, but that new bandsaw they sell is sharp because it's more of a Forest Green.

              I still wonder if B&D will set up a stink over the color. I sure would if I were them. Anyone rmember Pro-Tech and DW's fight?
              Kelly C. Hanna<br /><a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\">Hanna Woodworks</a>


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                You and OJ, right? (But I think he really did have those Bruno Magli shoes, don't you?)

                I never knew you had attended there. How long, and what for? And did they let you have power tools there, too? [img]tongue.gif[/img]

                I think designer colors to match my Apple computer would be nice. Maybe get the tools in primer gray and receive a couple spray cans from a paint selection. Or colored plastic window decals cut to fit that could be changed to meet your mood. MARKETING, ARE YOU LISTENING?

                By all means, make sure Norm and Josh know your sentiments in the Ridgid Poll!
                If it don\'t fit, force it. If it breaks, \'needed fixin\' anyhow. 8{~


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                  I just had a thought (no wise cracks please!)....maybe it's an anti-theft feature! For one thing, surely the color would keep anybody else from wanting the tool. And for another, if anyone did try to make off with one in the dead of night, it'd be like they were carrying a neon sign!



                  • #10
                    I think you are on to something! How often do you hear of someone stealing one of those Department of Highways vehicles in Omaha Orange?
                    And last time I looked, no one had carted off the Golden Gate Bridge.
                    Maybe that's what we need to do . . . Start refering to it as "Gold".
                    If it don\'t fit, force it. If it breaks, \'needed fixin\' anyhow. 8{~


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                      Speaking of BUTT UGLY...

                      This new sight is too damn bright! Not pleasant to look at for even short periods.
                      keep makn\' sawdust!...just don\'t breath any.


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                        ...helps to wear sunglasses while viewing this sight.
                        keep makn\' sawdust!...just don\'t breath any.


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                          I'd really like to know whose job it is to pick out some of the colors of things----now the new Ridgid orange is pretty close to being as ugly as Harbor Freight green---- But what brain trust decided to make all stereo, dvd players, etc. black with gray lettering----man, I need a flashlight to read the controls.


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                            I'm glad I have the old models with normal colors. If I wanted to see how the new stuff would look in the shop, I could just hang traffic cones all over the place. I'm afraid that somethin would be makin my eyes hurt in a hurry though.


                            • #15
                              Electronic components were made black to keep peace in the family. Guys were happy to stack gear in any ol' fashion as long as it sounded good. But Momma didn't want that mess interfering with her furniture. So someone in that brain trust figured that if we could make that stuff dissappear behind a smoked glass panel we could keep the sounds, and Momma would allow it to coexist with her furniture.
                              And that is how harmony is achieved at our house. But lately, I can't find any black gear, unless it is obsolete. It has all gone to silver with black lettering. So daveferg, please tell me where you have been shopping. I need to replace my 8-track!
                              If it don\'t fit, force it. If it breaks, \'needed fixin\' anyhow. 8{~