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Ridgid Jointer is Outstanding!

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  • Ridgid Jointer is Outstanding!

    For the last couple of years, I have used the Delta variable speed bench jointer. It is ok, but it needs a longer bed and the knives are very difficult to adjust. Yesterday, I assembled and shop tested the JP0610 Ridgid jointer. It was perfect out of the box! The fit and finish was as fine as I have ever seen on a power tool. The instructions were excellent, and the assembly ( really just the base) went without a hitch. I highly recommend this jointer.


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    I second the comment. The JP0610 was my first Ridgid tool, and I was amazed at how great it was, even though I normally avoid "store brands."

    Mine needed one adjustment/alignment out of the box, which required a giant allen wrench (not included, but HD gave me one), but that only took a few minutes, and the unit has been great.


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      I wish that I had one of these but at this time I have to use my Delta 37-070. I also have a crapsman 4" which is collecting dust.. any one want this one @$75.00 and you pay the shipping? the Delta is also for sale @$ 175.00 and you pay the shipping. There are extra blades for both of these. Also a B&D 10" miter saw @$ 125.00 and again you pay the shipping... Docdick [img]smile.gif[/img]


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        I got my jointer for father day (my 7 yr old daughter knows her tools) and I must say it is a quality tool. I've used it a couple of times already and I can see it performing like a champ. I'm glad I did not go buy that Sears jointer a few weeks ago or a refurbished Delta. Anybody wanting a jointer should seriously consider the Ridgid.


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          I've had mine for a few months now. I'm so impressed with it that I will be getting the planner too!
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            I agree, I have had mine for about two months now and love it. It is my first model and the first wood through it was red oak. Cut it like butter, even on full width pieces. And it does make a great combo with the planer.
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