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  • HD lowers some prices

    This may be old news but ....
    I was in one of our local HDs earlier this morning and discovered that they have lowered prices on a few nice tools. Ridgid Jointer now $399 vs $449, Makita M-Force drills --- 12v now $139 and the 14.4v at $169. These did not look like temporary sales but permanent mark downs. There were a few others as well.
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    If that jointer price reduction is a permanent one, I'll be getting one this spring. Thanks for the heads-up.

    Edit: Hmm, their website has it at $399 as well. I checked on it earlier this week and it was still at the $449 price. Now to convince LOML I need one right now...

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      The jointer price reduction is not permanent. It only for the holidays.
      Andy B.


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        Thanks for the tip - I picked up the jointer today for the $399 price. The store had it listed higher, but they price-matched a printout from their website. If you open a HD credit account, you could get 10% more off and get the jointer for $360! That's a great price, if you ask me. Now I just have to find the time before Christmas to get it up and running. I will say one thing: Ridgid packs their tools very well and I appreciate that.

        Fine Woodworking's latest Tools and Shops issue listed the Ridgid jointer as the one to go with in the mid-range jointer market, and that was at the higher list price.


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          Stuart ......

          I can't find the jointer on HD's web site to print out for the price match.

          Could you post a link to where you found it?

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            Thanks for the tip, a friend just gave me a Welcome to the Neighborhood 10% off coupon he received in the mail the other day so I went to HD and picked up the last one for $360. That’s a deal that the competition can’t touch. What is the approximate assembly time, I live in Michigan and my garage/shop is a little chilly right now.

            Thaks again and Happy Holidays