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Cross Vise with Mortise Attch on DP ?

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  • Cross Vise with Mortise Attch on DP ?

    Anyone ever tried using a cross vise when chopping motises on your Drill Press?

    If you are not familar with what a cross vise is here's a link to a photo of one.
    Craftsman 6" Cross Vise

    Anyway I was thinking that instead of using the fence supplied with most mortising attachments to clamp the piece in the cross vise and be able to position it precisely in any direction not just left/right as with the fence. I thought of this when setting up to cut some mortises that were perpendicular to the length of my piece. The only way I was able to cut these was to use a series of spacers with a thickness slightly less than the bit size placed between the piece and the fence and remove one at a time until I reached the other end of my mortise.

    If the table leg were mounted in a cross vise. I could have easily positioned the work under the bit then moved the vise with the work in/out with relation to the DP column and quickly cut this mortise with repeatable accuracy. Since the location of the mortise I needed to cut was not near the end of the work I could not easily setup a stop block to butt the end of the work against as it would have been located far off the DP table.

    BTW, I noticed HD has dumped the Viper/Oldham line of router bits and now carries Porter-Cable. Since the display is new it is full of all the different styles of bits in all the various sizes. It will be interesting to see if they keep it stocked after the Christmas shopping season is over. These bits look to have some nice, heavy carbide and quality machining, anyone used the PC make bits and have anything to report good or bad?

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    Well, since there have been no replies on this I guess no one has ever though of doing this or I am way out there in thinking this is even possible. If I had a cross vise or knew someone who did I would try it out. What gave me the idea was I noticed that General's 70-075 M1 big benchtop mortiser has this feature, so I can't be too far off in my thinking this would probably work.


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      You probably could use this vise if you think that it would work. Try it on a piece of scrap and see what happens.

      Other options would/could include making the mortise with a router or using a forstner bit and drilling on your drill press (with chisel cleanup following).

      Let us know what you decided to use.


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        If I had the croos vise, I would just try it. I have the mortising attachment for my DP and use that w/o problem. I was just wondering if the cross vise had ever been tried by anyone else yet. After looking at General's big bench-top machine which has this feature built-in, I don't see why it will not work, so will probably pick one up as I would like to have it for metal work anyway.


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          I bought and used a couple of the PC router bits. They give a real nice finish and yes they are real sharp. [img]smile.gif[/img] [img]smile.gif[/img] [img]smile.gif[/img]