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    I am in the market for a new compressor. I purchased the PC finish nailer combo kit and the compressor just is not enough for me. I have a paint sprayer, finish nailer and framing nailer and would like the option to run other tools. What is a good size compressor? What brands should I look at? Oil-free or not?

    Keep in mind that price is a consideration. Budget is limited.

    Thanks in advance.
    Brad Hatchett<br />

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    If you are going to be spraying paint look for as large a tank as you can afford. Too small a tank will cause the air to heat up more in the tank due to fact the compressor is running more often. This causes the moisture in the air in condense out in the pipes and your gun rather than the tank. This will make your dryer work harder and allow more moisture to get into paint.



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      If you check prices, you will find a 40-60 gal. upright stationary compressor is not much more than a 15-20 gal. portable unit. The oil type last longer, but need a filter plus a dryer for painting. HTH
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