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qtr sawm white oak question

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  • qtr sawm white oak question

    Has any you guys ever work with quarter sawn white oak. I want to build a hat/coat rack that will sit in the foyer. It will have about 10 raised panels. I even want to try my hand at carving on this piece. I want to carve 2 pineapples to sit on the top.

    The question that I have is how is this wood to work with? Is it as hard as red oak? Not that it matters, but just want know what to expect. Is it sturdy? Any lttle asecrets that I should know about?

    Thanks in advance.


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    White oak is actually slightly denser than red oak . I find it is stronger and harder to work. Sharp tools always help but with with oak they are required


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      jja0...just wondering if you have done any of the work with the quatersawn white oak...I have a chance to buy some and was wondering how it worked for you and looked when finished....thanks....Murray


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        Only worked with a bit of quartersawn, but love white oak. It machines great and what little chisel paring I've done, it should be good carving. The only caution I've noted is watch your grain direction when planing or sanding corners. It can split off if you come in against rising grain. Otherwise, no problems.


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          I've never carved QSWO, but it mills quite well with power tools. It's also really, really neat looking. Definitely one of my favorites.


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            Yesterday I just finished "slabbing" out a 14" diameter by 18" crotch of WO. MAN, what a PITA for my BS1400, only some bogging (3/4" 4tpi timberwolf) but this wood is like sawing a brick! And the pitch... I had to stop and clean the blade with a brass brush after every two cuts, and even then, the feed rate was ridiculously slow....BUT...

            OMG Burled white oak is gorgeous! I figure I'll be able to get some panels within 6 months or so, tented with a dehumidifier. Can't wait!!!