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Problem with WL1200 + here goes...I work for HD!

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  • Problem with WL1200 + here goes...I work for HD!

    The first part of my post,
    I have A WL1200 that I've only used a couple of times for some real light turning. Today I went out to fire it up again and the tailstock has about an inch of play to it. After monkeying with the adjustment screws it turns out the key on the bottom of the tube is attached with rivets and is horribly loose. Have any of you guys drilled these out and used real screws?

    Second, and frankly the part that scares me to mention...
    I work at the Home Depot. I have worked at HD for about eight years. I have worked at three different stores. For seven years I worked in the electrical department, managing it for two. Currently I am the RTV associate, that is, I deal with the vendors on defective merchandise and get our money back for them. I have no great love for the company, but I also hold no animosity towards it. It’s been a great job for me. I mention this not because I want to get cyber-stoned by an angry mob, but I’ve been around that place for a long time and I could probably answer any questions you have about it. (No, I don’t know why half of our employees are dumb. You think you have some good dumb depot associate stories...) Just trying to help.

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    I think it's safe for me to speak for all of us. I do believe we all know not every HD employee is less than qualified for their posistion.

    And certainly can't falt anyone for working and making a living.

    I haven't had that problem with my lathe, I'll check into it, but I would think some sort of other faster would be suffecient. At least until you call Ridgid and have the Tube assembly replaced. Then you could connect them together for making bed posts.
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      I have absolutely no input as to your lathe problem, but welcome to the forum and just remember that none of the derogatory remarks concerning HD are directed toward you personally. I’m sure with your inside insight this forum may prove to be very entertaining for you.



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        Chuckelb, I do have a good question for you. Long before I purchased some Ridgid tools I drooled over them. For a very long time my local HD didn't have the bandsaw. I asked them about it and they said it was a difficult item to get. Yet, in the nearest town the HD had them come in and out regularly. I asked the local HD to let me
        know when they got one, and evetually when I made my purchases, I ended up going to the other HD to get the Bandsaw, and by then they had moved many of them. How can this be?


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          You need a new tube. Call 1-800-4RIDGID and they should be able to help you.



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            Thank you for the response, I called earlier today. The first person I talked to told me to take my lathe to the Home Depot. After I told her I was at the Home Depot, in fact I was the person I would bring it to. she said she'd call back. never did. The second person said, "we'll send that right out." I like her, and thank you again.

            Boy were to start.
            As to why your store didnt have it. It sounds crazy but diffrent stores simply carry diffrent things, even if geographically they are close. when I was in lighting/electrical the lighting departments were sepperated into A,B,C, and D stores. Each one carried slightly diffrent things though they about nine stores were within 20 miles of one another. Maybe its done so in an area you can actually get more items than you would be able to fit into a single store. also stores are divided into markets, for some reason I worked in a store that was part of a market about a hundred miles away from it. The Ideas of markets is that gegraphically people should want the same items, But market boundries have to be drawn somewhere. The stuff carried in a market is decided by a guy (or lady)sitting behind a desk hundreds of miles away, presumably based on about 95% what will make us money, with a little bit of meeting community needs, even on stuff we wont make squat on. Also if theyre considering new stuff for the market they may put it in one store first, just to see how it goes. Finnally that store may have decided it didnt want to carry it. Theoretically we cant do that, and theres no way to, but there are ways around it, and some jerks take advantage of it.
            The second and more important issue is why the first store didnt get it for you. If its something they dont carry for whatever reason, they most likely wont get it for you unless you pay for it first, they simply dont want to be stuck with a single bandsaw if you change your mind, which let me tell you, customers do ALOT. Another reason, and it embaresses me to say, 2/3 of the employees dont know how to. So out of that 1/3 that are left about half of them are more interested in doing less work than helping you. I wish it wasnt so, but it is. I'm sure you have all realized the its all about asking the right person. If they did want to help however, and trust me there are some people in every store that truly just want to help, they could get it sent from another store, or order it from Ridgid. Getting it from other stores is tricky, and very unreliable. We have to call over to the other store and find someone that knows how to send it and is willing to do so (see math formula above) add in that those things are heavy and nobody wants to wrestle it around the store and the odds aint good. Not to mention the other store we call sees no benifit to sending it to us, it may cost that store in freight charges and they see no sales $ for it. they also dont have to look you in the eye and say,"sorry it should of been here" so they simply dont care. after getting burned a few times by someone in a diffrent store, you just give up and dont even consider it as an option, we dont want to get yelled at by you. You try explaining we all play for the same team, I have, it doesnt work. Ordering it from ridgid is the best option, and I'm sorry they didnt do that for you. Finding someone with the smarts to do that is even harder than finding someone with the smarts to transfer, but more reliable because ridgid isnt going to decide its to lazy/busy to send it to us. As i'm sure you understand it would be dumb of ridgid to enter the agreement with the HD and not be willing to send some products to some stores. If it seems counter-intuitive to you, your probably right. its just all about finding that employee who is both smart, and willing to help. look at the longevity badge on their apron, usually after about three years they are willing to help, you dont stick around that long if you're not. And after about 5 years they have the smarts to help also. As far as the calling you when they get it, I've known very few associates willing to go that far, they told you that to get you out of the store and on with their lives, im sure they had no idea if they were ever going to come in or not, if they were that smart, they would of ordered you one right then. One more tip, be polite, no one will help you if your rude, especially the people who really want nothing more than to help.
            Sorry this ended up so long, maybe I covered alot of questions you all had though, if not ask away.


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              Holly crap, does that set a record for longest post?


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                Wow, that was the best response I ever got from ANY HD associate about ANYTHING, EVER! I'd have to disagree about one or two things, but that could just be because of my local stores. I will say that he hit the nail on the head when it comes to transfers. NOBODY wants to do their job and make the customer happy. They all see it as no money in their pockets. What they don't realize is that the money needs to be in the corporate pocket at the end of the day, and if I go somewhere else, that doesn't get done.


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                  Thank you very much for the response, the length didn't bother me, it was quick reading.
                  I completely understand about the challenges, it's the same in any company. Good employees are around, but really great ones are rare, I don't care who you work for.
                  I've noticed that in the months following my purchase, the HD eventually got the bandsaws in stock. Of course they probably now think that I'm one of those guys who didn't come back to get it anyhow, but truth is I did, just not there. I do recall one time the guy told me they were having real problems with shipment of that item from Ridgid, but they must have gotten that cleared up.
                  I personally would not expect shipment from one store to another if it's closer than 1/2 hour. I can drive that far. Heck, I drove an hour to get the bandsaw, and it was worth every mile, I love it!
                  But you did clear a few things up for me, thanks much.