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    Hi All,

    Looking into a tenon jig to use on my TS3650 and wondering the pros and cons of the various makes/models.

    What's the big difference between the Delta 34-183 and the 34-184?

    The Jet 708111 looks identical to the Powermatic #6284600 but costs $20 less, are they the same or not?

    Any other choices I should consider

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    I don't know the prices on the ones your looking at but I got mine from Woodcraft for $69.95 and it works great.
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      Bob....I can't answer your question on the difference in the two delta jigs or if the jet and powermatic are the same. You can call Woodcraft and get a quick answer to that. What I want to let you know is that on the new Ridgid 3650 saw the miter guage slot is now a full 3/8" by 3/4", pretty much the industry standard. It use to be undersized all the way back to the Craftsman period. Not sure the folks at Woodcraft are aware of that yet. They do in general stay up on most tools. So they may tell you it won't fit but it does. All the ones you mentioned are good. I use a Delta that is very old.

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        Actually, the slot size is pretty easy to overcome, if at all necessary----a little careful filing took care of it on my sub-3/4" slot.

        One thing to keep in mind, if you ever anticipate doing any beveled tenons or dovetail pins----most of the tenoning jigs I've seen are set up to ride in the slot, to the left of the blade, so that, on a right tilt saw, the blade tilts away from the jig face----on the left tilt Ridgid, you'd have the blade tilted towards the jig---not totally safe and certainly makes it necessary to carefuly check blade clearances.

        The only other issue is the distance between the miter slot and the blade. On my older verison of the Delta jig, there was a 3/4" gap between the blade and the face of the jig---this was easily fixed (for purposes of gauging the indicator) by putting in a 3/4" piece of hardwood----But, much easier if the jig can be adjusted to avoid the modification----I tend to doubt the jigs have this measurement, so you may have to check out a display model.

        Hope this helps.


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          I picked up the Woodcraft version for $59 last month on sale. It's set up and works fine. Only thing I had to do was sand the bar down to fit the slot. Ridgid has very tight tolerances as compared to the others out there, so it took maybe 10 mins with my RAS and 60 grit paper.


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            There was a really good write up in the last issue of Wood magazine comparing Tenon Jigs. You might want to check it out.


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              Thanks all for your comments and insight into various makes/models. I picked up a Delta 34-183 the other day and readnig the manual it gives instructions for setting up with right or left tilt saws. Don't know if this is new to this model (the manual revision is dated 5-28-99) but haven't tried it out yet, it's been way too cold in my garge shop to go out there and play :-(


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                I got the Rockler generic version and have not had a chance to test her out. the bar would not fit the miter slot but 3 minutes on a belt sander made a perfect fit. This model has two seperate slots that the miter bar can be attached to.
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