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Cabots Stain?

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  • Cabots Stain?

    Wondering if woodworkers or anyone else has any experience with this product?

    Cabot Stains Semi-Transparent Deck and Siding Stain | Cabot



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    Re: Cabots Stain?

    When I lived in Massachusetts, I used this stain on new cedar clapboard siding. It held up to the Massachusetts weather very well. I painted the window and door trim more often than re-stain the siding.


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      Re: Cabots Stain?

      I have used it on our deck for the past 12 years. It's what the previous owner
      used and he recommended it highly and I have not been disappointed.

      I've got over 1000 sf of deck and I re-stain about every 3 years.

      Below: I got the guys at Langley to take this
      shot so you could see the deck from above.
      Click image for larger version

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        Re: Cabots Stain?

        When I provided solely painting/staining services I used Sherwin Williams paints and Cabot stains exclusively. Remember,w/ Cabot less is more.


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          Re: Cabots Stain?

          I used it on my deck 2 years ago (first time I tried it). Followed the directions (brushed it in instead of spraying). It is still holding up well. I am happy with the results I got.

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            Re: Cabots Stain?

            Just re-applied (with brush) it on my shed last week. The previous coat lasted over 15 years.
            Be sure to check the color on a piece of scrap wood. The color chips on cardboard/paper can be off.


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              Re: Cabots Stain?

              I'm in MN and put it on my cedar deck, which was about 6 months old. I prepped exactly as the can said, applied in ideal condition and it didn't hold up. I got 1 year out of the flat surfaces and about 6 months more on the vertical surfaces. Maybe it was the harsh winter. I had better luck with Sherwin Williams, but I still have to do it every 18 months. Thinking of going with Sikkens next. I didnt' like the color of Behr when I tried it on a test sample.


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                Re: Cabots Stain?

                I used Cabots solid stain (dark brown) on a new redwood shade structure. We sprayed it, and back rolled it. Anyplace where the sprinklers hit on the wood turned the stain white. I have not been back since to asses it or do any sort of repairs.

                I don't have too much experience with exterior staining (for hire) but I have had so so luck with Sikkens Cetol SRD 250. The color I am using is "natural" (I think) and is translucent. This stuff is not so fun to work with, put it on too thick and it will develop a "skin" and underneath it the product will stay wet, eventually will dry but will look bad, and too thin, the sun burns thru it in 3-4 months. It is also easy to damage (scrape off the skin) until it hardens.

                I find that I need a maintenance coat every 6 months, this summer will be coat #3. Hopefully the third coat on the horizontal surfaces will stop the burn thru I keep experiencing in a couple of areas.

                If my customer had chosen a darker color I feel that the finish would last significantly longer, the pigment is supposed to help stop the sun from frying the wood so I have been told.

                I used another Sikkens product on some teak outdoor furniture.
                First coat was Sikkens Cetol Marine Gloss, second was Sikkens Cetol Marine Light. This finish was starting to fail after 4-5 months of being outside in the weather. Time for a maintenance coat before the sun fries the teak....

                I don't think the process that was spec'd by the customer was correct, he wanted what he had laying around used first, the wife freaked out at the shine and wanted a matte finish, so the Marine Light was used as a second coat to dull the look of the finish. This stuff is impossible to touch up and have it look perfect either, I cringe when I see new scratches in it....

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