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  • TS2412 Alignment-HELP

    I have a TS2412 Table saw and can't get the blade parallel to the miter slot. I've tried repeatedly to align the blade-to-miter-slot, rip fence-to-miter slot, and blade-to-rip fence. Using the machinist's square, everything seems to be OK, until I rip a board. It then appears the blade is 0.015-0.025" heeled towards the right side of the saw (from the front).

    1.)What am I doing wrong, and
    2.)would the micro adjust trunions help??

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    A couple tips, when moving the trunion, do not loosen the center bolt very much. It just needs to be loose enough to allow movement when you wrap on it with a hammer and a block of wood. Second when you tighten down the bolts do it in sequence, and a little bit at a time. Do not tighten one bolt down all at once. Tightening each bolt just a little at a time will help keep the movement that you get from tightening bolts to a minimum.

    The micro-adjust trunion will fit the TS2412.

    If you have anymore questions e-mail me.



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      I'm not certain how you are using a square to check parallel. Here's a simple method that uses the tool to check the tool:

      Take a brass screw and run it about halfway into the end grain of a scrap (but relatively straight) board. Use a magic marker to mark one tooth on your sawblade. Clamp the board to your miter gauge, so that the brass screw just touches the marked tooth, with the tooth near you. Rotate the blade so the marked tooth is at the back of the saw, and slid the miter gauge back. If the blade assembly is properly aligned, the brass screw should again just touch the tooth (thanks to my friend Howard for the brass screw part, brass won't chip a carbide tooth like steel will).

      Now, use Jake's information to align the saw, if it isn't.

      Next, just to be sure, measure from miter slot to miter slot, front and rear. If these aren't identical, the saw top is faulty and need to be replaced (unlikely, but it could happen even to Ridgid). Heck, might as well check this first.

      Now, your blade is perfectly aligned to the left slot, and the left slot is parallel to the right slot. Simply adjust the ripping fence to be parallel to the right miter slot, and you're good to go.

      Last bizarre thing that could happen to you is the ripping fence being parallel at certain settings, but not at others. This means the front rail is not straight, check the mounting of it, straightness of the front of the table, have it replaced if bent. Again, a rare occurance but possible.



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        Thanks for the quick reply!! Unfortunatley I've been doing "honey-do"s and haven't gottne a chance to try the aligment again until tonight.

        I raised the blade just short of the maximum height and reset it so the front and back were parallel with the miter guides. Everything looked great, until I lowered the blade to make a cut. I then checked the alignment again and found the rear was about 0.020" healed towards the right side of the table. Apparently there is something in the blade raising mechanism that causes the alignment to change with the height of the blade. Is there any adjustment under the table for this???



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          Oh, it sounds like you have a arbor housing with the pivot hole bored out of parallel of the bearing hole. We can send you a new one at no charge, just e-mail me with your address.

          The change is fairly easy. The arbor housing will come assembled with a new arbor and brearings so you will only have to pull the old on off and install the new one.



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            Re: TS2412 Alignment-HELP


            After a bunch of checks, re-checks by fellow woodworking friends, and then finally finding this post, I'm convinced I have the same problem on my 2424-1. Obviously I've been living with it for a while, but have new hope for final fix after learing the information in this thread.

            Folks, a great to check this is to check the alignment with the blade in the low position and also the high position. Ideally it should read the same. Mine is out 0.021" between low and high!

            Hope you can help - Ben
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