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On site portable work table??

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  • On site portable work table??

    Does anybody have any good ideas, or even better yet drawings of a usable, durable and very portable on-site 4'x8' work table? I do alot of laminate layouts, and a 4x8 3/4" sheet of particle board and saw horses are getting old and so am I. If not I'll just keep dragging them around. I was even looking at a hitachi work station (miter saw) I think i could make some modifications to that....(key words I THINK) but thats two hundred bucks plus the price of some aluminum angle. Do i sound desperate?

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    Not exactly your dimensions, but maybe it's an idea that you can scale upwards: I have a table that I use for assembly work. Basically, it's two colapsable saw horses and some oak flooring that I found spilled on the highway. It had apparently fallen off a truck and had been pushed off onto the shoulder. Not a big enough lot to do a project with, but I salvaged enough to make a portable table top. Basically, I glued several T&G boards together to make three sections; each is about 6 ft x 14 inches. I simply lay them down on the horses, and then butt the sides together to form the table top. Pull them apart, fold up the two saw horses and with little effort they get stored in the lawn shed until I need them again.

    The oak flooring is pretty stiff, but also too heavy to make a one-piece top. I can also use just one or two of the sections at a time and even use them "split" if I don't need a solid table top. You could use plywood, but without some kind of support, it would be too flexible I think.

    Just a thought,


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      There is a fellow who makes a table that mounts on a tripod vise. It is 27" x 24" and made of aluminun. I'm not sure what they sell for but he's been making them for about 11 yrs. His phone number is 541-964-3222 and email

      Dave S
      Dave S


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        I have a portable work table from HD that measures 24x48". The legs fold under and it's very light. You'd need 2 for 8' and even then it would be only 2' wide but they are sturdy and reasonably flat. I don't know if these come even close to what you need but thought I'd mention them. At the time I bought mine they had some larger ones. I think I paid less than $40.


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          You may think this sounds crazy, but what about using on of those cheap MS work stations from Harbor Freight. Take a sheet of 3/4 ply and cut it up int four 2x4" pieces and re-assemble them with hinges to make a fold out 4x8' top that you attach to the top of the MS work station. You would need to build a couple additional legs to support it when opened up full size.

          To transport, just fold up the three extension pieces and wheel it away. Folded it should fit through most any doorway.

          I think the Harbor Freight work station goes for around $85.00


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            j, you might want to look at a paperhanger's portable work station. It might not be sturdy enough for your work, but the design could be used with a little heavier construction. It certainly is portable and lightweight. Jim


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              Why don't you buy a banquet table??