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cutting countertop to size.

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  • cutting countertop to size.

    I am remodelling a bathroom and I bought a pre-fabricated vanity top (particle board with formica lamited onto it). It has a backsplash so its "L" shaped. Its about 6" too long. How can I cut this to length? I don't want alot of chip-out on the formica and I want a good straight edge. One edge is going against a wall, that's the edge I will cut. The other edge I will trim with solid oak.

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    Hey Jeff,
    I always use masking tape on the laminate side and a GOOD finish cutting blade in my circular saw. You can also clamp a streigt edge on but you want to cut it from the bottom so you have a flat edge to run across or you can cut it fat and sand down the edge with a belt sander,that wil knock it down fast.

    Good luck, Jason


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      I would score your cut line with a proper laminate knife, in fact I would score it serveral times until it was cut through. This way you should avoid any chipping out, assuming your can now cut along this line without going into the margins. If you want a really nice, clean job and you have cut through the laminate ... I would hand saw it with a sharp crosscut hand saw. If you use a skill saw to cut if AFTER you have scored it, it may be difficuolt to follow the score cut with any precision.
      Hope this help ...

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        One other thing you might consider is to cut the end that meets the wall with a slight bevel. Undercutting the edge this way makes it easier to shape the edge to conform to irregularities in the wall. Your cut might be straight but the wall never is


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          Not sure what you have for tools but a table saw with a good laminate blade will cut it just fine. I have cut counter tops on my radial saw although it is a PITA because you have to cut from both edges.. I would not worry too much about a straight cut since you are putting the edge againtst a wall, if your house is anything like mine the terms 'square' or '90 degree corners' were unknown by the builder . I think you will find you will have to 'shape' the edge so it fits snug to the wall. Also remember that caulking is a wonderful thing

          Sorry Outrage didn't even read your post until after I posted... Jeff take outrages' advice it does make it easier to shape the edge

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            Thanks for the tips guys. I got my counter cut to length. I used a circular saw with a 32 tooth freud blade. I ended up using tape on the good side as well as a particle board as a backer. I clamped a good straight down and made the cut. I ended up finishing the last inch or so with a find tooth handsaw. My cut is cleaner than the factory cut!


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              I made a jig for the saw to have as an edge guide on the backside, like a L shape and I could cut the back splash at the same time. You have to turn the saw from vert. to horz. along the cut. I either use a fresh charge battery or corded saw after I had a cordless saw stop at the end of a cut and it made the cut line chip
              This is the jig type I made.

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