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    Re: SawStop On Everything

    Originally posted by JCsPlumbing View Post
    Seems many are against making all manufacturers install SawStop or something similar on their saws but are fine for it to be offered as an option.

    So let me ask.....Why not make all safety devices an option? Just sell an old-school-naked blade sticking through with no quick push shutdown, no grounding, no guard? Then offer the options for x amount.

    The same? No?

    This opens up another can of worms. The logistics costs are significant. Manufacturer would rather include a simple "plastic and stamping" type of blade guard in the box than deal with the logistics of making sure the thing is available as an option. As for the a more elaborate technology like SawStop, this would probably have to be integrated at the factory. So now the retailer would have to stock both? It's possible, of course, but there are costs associated with it and they won't be low costs.

    I don't think the Gov't should be involved at all. Manufacturers should be free to include whatever safety devices they like in their product. The competitive free market will dictate what level of safety device succeeds. Manufacturers will advertise their features, magazines will review them, and advertisiing agencies will tout them. Personally I find the plastic piece of junk that came on my 3650 to be a worthless impediment both to work and to safety - a typical example of Govt regulation. Of course I also fail to understand why single flush 1.6 toilets are a good thing when many of them have to be flushed more than once to do the job. Why not dual flush? It stands as a porcelain monument to ineffective and poorly thought out Govt regulation.

    SawStop has a safety technology that seems to work, but it has a significant cost. Currently, the market is free to decide if the cost is worth it. I would likely pay an added $50 for a SawStop device, but probably not more than that. On the other hand, if I had others in my home that used the saw, the price I would be willing to pay would go up. If I was a business or a school, it would probably go up substantially. That's the way the market is supposed to work, and that is the way it is working today without Gov't meddling.

    Originally posted by Bob D. View Post
    Same? Yes and No.

    For me its more about the way that Saw$top has gone about forcing everyone to use their system than it is about mandating that manufacturers incorporate some equivalent safety technology. The way its going they will be forced to use Saw$top and pay royalties to Saw$top to use it.


    Mandate that all table saws built after some date must incorporate some safety feature that will stop the blade from spinning and retract it in x milliseconds, but to enact a law or make a ruling that everyone in the USA who buys a table saw MUST use Saw$top technology is WRONG.
    Bob I dont' think SawStop is doing anything wrong here. They're just pursuing an avenue that is open to them as a business, one that any business would pursue to further their sales. The job of business is to do exactly that... push their product using any means possible. Air bags, arc fault circuit breakers, smoke detectors... all these devices have been incorporated by regulation, but there are companies behind the regulations that lobbied Gov't in that direction.

    The problem is that Gov't has decided they are our nanny and for some reason think that this is their responsibility.

    Mandating some sort of safety device, as you've stated, enables other options than licensing SawStop. This will likely be a feature of the CPSC regulation currently being written, although there will most likely be a certification or approval of any technology. Manufacturers will have to contend with getting around the SawStop patents, if they can. That's typically the way these things come about. If no one is able to come up with a different, non-infringing technology, then legally, SawStop has every right to license their IP for financial gain. It's the basic feature of patent and intellectual property law.

    The issue IMO is that Gov't is dictating to you and I - private, allegedly free citizens - what we must buy. They are also dictating what private industry must do, in terms of either developing or offering a gizmo. All because someone in Gov't has decided that people shouldn't be able to make the choice or assume responsibility for their own safety. IMO that's just not right.

    Since the gov't is clearly in bed with the health insurance industry and inclined to make health insurance a social program, I suspect this is the root of what is behind this nonsense.