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  • Folding Outfeed Table

    It was my need to extend my Tablesaw's capacity to allow me to rip longer pieces of wood. In my first attempt, I used a set of roller stands, but what I found out was if the the roller wasn't exactly parallel to the plane of the tablesaw, the wood would be steered off in the down slope direction.

    As I wanted to construct a folding outfeed table where I could at the end of my work day, collapse the supports and fold down the table so I could roll my Tablesaw back into it's home next to the wall.

    I have developed a pretty sturdy design and am in the process of attaching it to my saw. So far the functionality of the outfeed table works good. the construction and attachment require some attention to detail to ensure parallelism between the tablesaw and both the pre-table and the folding table.

    My one hangup at this time is the hinges. A regular piano hinge is too thin to support the weight, so I am in the hunt for a 0.060" thick hinge to support the tables joint.

    I will take a picture(s) once completed and post.

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    If you can find a really good hardware store, there are piano hinges made in all sizes. A friend of mine made a double-gate to pull his boat into the back yard that is hung from piano hinges. They are built out of about the same material as a house door hinge.



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      Thanks Dave!

      I did solve my hinge question before I got a chance to read your thread. I have since completed the extension table and it's working great.

      Now I am currently working on a right table extension/router table.

      I will try and post some pictures here when I get a good day to do so.



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        Checkout a company called McMaster-Carr. They have all kinds of hinges and other prototyping materials. McMaster-Carr.


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          Chris, I suggest that you look at the Rockler outfeed table for design ideas. My wife got me one last xmas and it is great. I would have built one some day. Since you do not say what kind of a saw you use if it is a contractor style saw the motor hangs out the back making it impossible for the outfeed table to fold down.

          The Rockler design uses some L brackets on the saw and a slotted bracket on the table to hook onto. The legs fod in sideways makings the whole table take less than 3" of depth off your wall. I store mine behind the saw and only hook it on when needed for those long pieces.

          Good luck,


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            I made the outfeed table highlighted in Wood Magazine. It does fold down. It utilizes a short, permanent table that is as wide as the protruding motor and a larger table connected with a piano style hinge (to the short table). The table saw in the Wood mag article is the Ridgid TS2424. Let me know if you want more info.


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              How is the table connected to the saw? How easy is it to remove and replace the splitter/blade guard? I was thinking about doing the same. It would be great if you have pictures you could post.



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                Here are pics of mine.


                It is connected to the webs with angle iron under and 1/8" flat bar on top.

                <a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\"></a>


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                  For the TS2424, it connects in the webbing of the left and right extensions. Rixworms photos are exactly the way my table is connected. My table folds as the Wood plans depict. Rixworm's table is fixed. Unfortunately, I have a garage shop and I have to schuffle cars and large power tools. Rob, I sent you a message. Let me know.



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                    For the guard and splitter, cut a notch in the outfeed table. I have photos but cannot figure out how to attach them ??



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                      Actually my outfeed table does fold just as yours.

                      To post pic's use my link to go to webshots and get a free account and then post a link to them. Make sure the link you post is for a visitor else without your password we can't sse them.

                      <a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\"></a>


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                        Steve, Rick,

                        Thanks for the great info and pics. It should make the sawing safer. Also, this spring I am moving my shop from a 22x22 space to a 19x11 space so I need all the space I can get.

                        Thanks again,



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                          If I didn't scroll through your photos so fast, I guess I would have seen that overly obvious photo of your folded table that you posted. I think I'll get my eyes checked. Sorry bud!