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Dust Collection Nightmare

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  • Dust Collection Nightmare

    Dear Forum,

    I have a RIGID 12" sliding compound miter saw that works wonderfully. The problem is the dust collection system or should I say the lack of dust collection system. Any suggestions for a connection for my ShopVAC for this saw??

    Thanks, Jeff

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    If you can come up with a simple way to solve the dust collection problems associated with chop saws, CMS and SCMS, you'll be a rich man. I have my CMS hooked up to a shop vac that catches maybe about 70% of the sawdust. Still, that remaining 30% still makes one heck of a mess.
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      Yeah, they sure are messy. I keep my SCMS in one place mostly and mounted on the MS-UV so I built a rectangular box that is mounted to the wall and open on the one side so I can park the MS-UV with SCMS in front of it. The bottoom on the box is slightly lower than the top of the MS-UV. The bottom of the box has a 4" closet flange installed as a connection point for my DC hose. The box has a well in the back which is covered with a piece of peg board, this piece is roughly 10x48" with the standard spacing of 1/4" peg board holes and seems to supply enough of an opening to suck up the dust. All the dust flies back into the box where it falls down on the peg board. The vacuum draws the sawdust through the holes to the DC, and the hole size (1/4") blocks any larger pieces from getting in, these are easily picked up by hand and disposed of.

      It is nothing fancy, something I kludged(sp) together once when I was fed up with cleaning up the shop after using the saw, but it catches 98% of the sawdust.


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        Bob D's solution sounds great, except I'd probably use a piece of 1/4 or 1/2 inch wire mesh instead of the pegboard. May I also suggest that you check out any of the many plans for dust collection as used on Radial Arm Saws.



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          Dust Collection Nightmare getting better...I ended up using Central VAC flexiable hose, 2 inch which connects diretly to the dust collection exit in the saw. I then "Y" connected another 2" hose with PVC to the back of the Miter Pan. Now I need a Shop VAC the size of my Chevy to evacuate the dust. It is actually working alot better then it was with the silly little bag RIGID mounted on the saw.

          Thank You for all of your suggestions.