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  • Bench Dog Push-Blocs

    I got a pair of these at the introductory price of $4.99 each a few weeks ago from Rockler and am impressed with their performance.

    The handles are angled nicely so when used on the jointer you knuckles are not dragging on the fence.
    The gripping surface on the bottom is very good. Soft and pliable so it grips both hard and soft woods such that you feel you truly are in control of the workpiece. with the stock push blocks that came with my Delta X5 6" jointer, the pad surface is hard and does not conform to the workpiece. They are so bad they slip on hard woods like oak if it has been run through the planer or jointed and has a smooth surface.

    Would I buy them again at the regular price?

    I'd say yes if I did not have the time to make some of my own. A push block can be easily made from a old mouse pad (the older, thicker ones seem to work better) and a couple scraps of wood.

    But as a gift say for Fathers Day or a birthday these would be a welcome addition I think to anyones shop.

    Bench Dog® Ultra Push-Bloc™ - Rockler Woodworking Tools

    I have nothing to gain by posting this personal opinion of these push blocks, just passing on my findings after having used them for about 6 weeks.
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