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Poor speed/power blows circuit breaker

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  • Poor speed/power blows circuit breaker

    I fired up my 10" little used 10" Rigid table saw and the motor seemed to vary in speed, didn't sound like it was running smoothly. When I started to feed work it had no power and subsequently blew the breaker.

    I moved to another circuit and got the same poor speed control, didn't feed any work through but detected a faint smell of burning with an electrical sort of smell. I shut it off and checked again for anything binding. Nothing is binding, moves smoothly, can't figure out what went wrong. IT has so little use I can't imagine the motor going bad.

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    I had a similar problem with my Radial Arm Saw about a year after I purchased it. I called the Ridgid service number, they asked me a few questions, and sent me a new motor.

    I can't say that they will do the same for you, but I would suggest giving them a cal on Monday.

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      Don't want to sound like a smarta**, but did you check that the belt isn't binding on anything? I'm no expert, but almost sounds like a bad capaciter---but Jake should be in here on Mon. morning with the real scoop!


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        Really sounds like the motor had a bad winding or two. Perhaps a nick in the wire during mfg. I first thought what Dave did, but then realized tha a capacitor is only used to start the motor, not to keep it running.

        Report back on what the problem was.