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    have not been able to get fence accurate and to lock down was a floor model.home depot have been most uncooperative,and tech rep for ridgid just passed the buck back to store.have called ridgid,and emailed countless times with no response.i am a contractor and need this tool.kirby joe in little rock

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    Cannot advise you about dealing with HD or Ridgid CS-----in many cases, I simply don't think they have the darned thing any more---it seems, even before the takeover, that if you wanted to buy a separate fence, they sold you the one from the 2424---not the 3612----HD kept loosing them, as they were in a separate package.

    Anyway----start back a few steps. Do you have a good straightedge----(if not, can you get any piano wire or the like----stretched between two points, this is a good straight edge).

    Check the alignment of the wings to the table top----some people reported that the wings were warped---again, sadly, another customer service issue, but if the wings were bad, it would be hard to get the rails mounted right.

    If the wings are OK---check the rails for being straight as well. Go through the mounting, step-by-step to see if you can narrow down the problem. In other words----try to narrow down which part is causing the problems. If you've got to go to war against CS---at least know where the problem is.

    If you're still beating your head against the wall a month from now, well, hate to say this, but you may just have to buy some new parts yourself. I believe you'll find (hopefully others can verify) that wings from the 2424 or earlier saws will fit or can be made to fit. Wings or fence parts----keep an eye on E-Bay----we had a post here where some parts were showing up there. And, if it's the fence, while the 3612 fence was very good---if it ain't around---doesn't do you much good---so you might have to consider buying an aftermarket fence.

    The very least I'd do is raise such a stink at HD, that maybe you'll at least get a gift card for your trouble. If they don't have spare parts in inventory, all they can do is a price adjustment----you're stuck with what Ridgid can do for you.


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      The Fence & rails from the 3650 will fit the saw. Had simillar issue with my floor model. Finally got the two decision makers in the store together on the same day at the same time, (act of God), and wound up getting the 3650 fence & rails for free. They just took the fence right out of a new 3650 box & gave me the rails box, slapped the colored sticker of the day on it & I walked out with the parts. Don't give up, just go to the top & get the customer satisfaction they promise. If all else fails, there's the 30 day return policy with recipt...and you know they don't really want to get the saw back.


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        If you don't have the manual, get a copy. The details on setting up the saw and aligning the fence are very good and make it easy to do. I would not attempt it without those instructions.


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          Home Depot in Wake Forest, N.C. has two sets of 3612 rails (new, in the box) sitting across from their CMS display. They don't have a 3612 or a 3650 in the whole store, so these are apparently "leftovers". Not sure if the fence comes in the same box with the rails.

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