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Laser line light for my MS1250

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  • Laser line light for my MS1250

    Does anyone know where I can find an after market laser light that WILL work on the Ridgid MS1250 saw? All the ones I have seen say they do not work on the 12" Ridgid saws.

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    The 12" saws have a larger arbor size than the 10" saws. Check with Ridgid parts. They make a 12" that has the laser.
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      Try here. You did say you wanted one that works, right.

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        That is about the only one on the market that does work.


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          I believe it was badgerdave who recommended the Laserkerf to me when I posed the same question.
          I purchased one of the devices and installed it on my 1250. When I purchased it I was contracting so it got moved from job to job. Because of how it is mounted you need to do a fast and simple alignment before using. I have since gone to work for the big orange box in the millwork dept so it stays in my shop and does not move (except to clean around). I have not had to adjust it much if any since it is stationary. I recommend the purchase you will be happy with the device. It is more adaptable than the other solutions in my opinion.