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Dust Collection for 2424 TS

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  • Dust Collection for 2424 TS

    New here, sorry if this question has been asked before, but I'm planning to provide dust collection from my 2424 saw. Has anyone come up with a good way to connect their saw? I'm thinking about a port underneath the saw where it sits on the stand. Thanks for any comments.

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    Your idea is a good one and several people here have done the same thing with success. Be sure that you also close up the back end of the saw also. I did that using two pieces of ΒΌ" ply cut to fit around the motor mount bars and the belt. My design does require me to remove the back pieces when I make bevel angle cuts but overall it works pretty good.
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      This is the best design I have seen for the rear. You would have to modify it for the guard instead of the dc port on the BT3K. Fiberboard flaps can also be used but have to be moved with bevel cuts.

      You can use a galvanized /rubber roof seal for a plumbing vent and plywood to close off the base and have a port for the DC,or shop vac. It is like a funnel with a rubber center so the dust falls down,easy to connect, and you can get it off easily leaving the plywood frame. HD carries them in the HVAC area.


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        Thanks for your help! [img]smile.gif[/img]