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  • sharpening

    I am in the process of putting together a sharpening center which will include the "scary sharp honing method". currently i use the jig and stone to touch up my tools. ordinarily i do not have a problem but i am currently trying to put an edge on a chisel. the jig is tight and the tool has not slipped yet the edge is not coming out even. I wish i knew how to post pictures here. I am sure this is something simple. any insight? if you want to see a pic please email me at

    any help is greatly appreciated

    Happy Holidays!

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    When you say the edge is not even---are you talking at right angles to the sides of the chisel? Don't know if you have the type of jig that clamps from the sides or top/bottom (Veritas), but either can clamp up your chisel out of square. If you have a small combo or machinist square, find the best position on the jig to help you square up with the chisel side and really tighten down. Also, I found it helps if you push with your fingers controlling the jig and not the chisel---less chance of knocking it out of square. If this isn't what you meant--oh well.


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      I find that the narrower the chisel the harder it is to get the edge square, more do to how you hold the chisel and jig than how square the chisel sits in the jig (but it is a good plan to start with the chisel square to the jig).
      I try to push the jig forward with my thumbs and control the downward (and backward) pressure with my middle fingers of each hand (can't use both hands on a 1/4" chisel). I try to use the jig as a teaching aid to hold a constant angle while I learn how to use my fingers to shape the edge. I hope one day to be able to sharpen freehand.
      To square a skewed edge, concentrate grinding pressure on the "long" corner. When edge is square, continue grinding until bevel surface is flat and straight

      Try different techniques then stick with the one that works for you


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        Actually i do have the veratis jig, but for this particular purpose i am using the other one, the side clamping, I am providing slow even pressure and the bevel is not sharpenig squarely.

        it is square in the jig. yet every pass seems to be at a different angle. is it possible that before i got it the blade was off and now i am compensating? is this a possibility? i have quite a few tools i will be sharpening over the winter here in the chicago winter.....i don't want to have this problem every time.


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          That could be, I have had many that were not square (especially EBAY plane irons). Sharpening is a skill that will take time to learn but once you get it you wont forget it. To help me when I was learning I used a perminent fine point marker and drew a line across the plane iron right next to the sharpening surface so I could see if I was getting too far away from square fairly quickly. Another good trick to ensure you are using even pressure is to take that same marker or a thicker one and draw lines on, or cover the entire bevel with ink. Now take a few strokes on your stone or paper and see if the lines are fading evenly. This also works well to verify that you are correcting an out of square blade, make sure the lines only fade on the long side of the blade.
          BTW you can't post pics from your HD they have to be on a public server