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Cutiting Wood Veneer

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  • Cutiting Wood Veneer

    Any tips of getting nice clean cuts and keeping straight edges. I have tried a utility knife - that did not work well. A pair of scissors works well but it is hard to keep the edge free of jagged marks.

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    Re: Cutiting Wood Veneer

    A veneer saw is what you want. About $15 bucks at various woodworking stores.

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      Re: Cutiting Wood Veneer

      I saw somewhere recently a rotary cutter like those used for cutting cloth when sewing
      being used for cutting veneer. Seemed like a good idea to me but I have not tried it.

      Fiskars makes a couple with different diameter wheels, smaller wheels allow for tighter turns
      just like a thinner bandsaw blades does. Most times we want a straight cut so probablt the 2"
      wheel is what you want to try. You can find them in WalMart, HD, and craft centers for under $10
      The wheels are super sharp. The wife has one she uses for quilting and loves it. Might be worth a try
      if you have one around the house. All it could cost you is a new blade which are around $4 each.

      Rotary Cutters and Blades / Sewing and Quilting Tools | Fiskars

      I think whatever you use your cut edge is not going to be usable without some post processing.
      Clamp the mating edges between some 3/4 stock such that the pressure is applied along the full
      length, then use a block plane to shave the edges true to each other.
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        Re: Cutiting Wood Veneer

        I clamp mine with 3/4 like Bob said... then use my router and flush cut bit.