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14 inch Ridgid Band Saw

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  • 14 inch Ridgid Band Saw

    I picked up my new saw at HD. After assy I have what I call excess vibration.
    The top door has a little constant vibration.. When I took The blade off the vibration went away. Is this normal are do I have a problem in the upper wheel. Thanks For any input.

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    Welcome aboard!

    If you do a search on the BS1400, you will see many posts about vibration and fixes. Mine vibrated very little. Here are some recommendations.

    1. Make sure that the motor is mounted properly. I know it is a pain with those rubber fittings.
    2. Take the blade off and check to see if your wheels are balanced. If not, then add small weights where necessary to balance the wheel.
    3. Throw the blade that came with the saw away and purchase a better blade, i.e. Timberwolf.
    4. When putting the blade back on, follow the alignment procedures and ensure that the blade is properly tracking on both wheels.
    5. Check the tension for proper adjustments.

    That is all that I did, and it seems to work fine. But if your still vibrates, try looking further into this forum for other fixes.

    Hope it works!



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      All was said above,
      I just went ahead and put on a linkbelt too!